Apply for Membership Join CPECB Business Club Connecting businessman over CPEC and BRI project to establish business through relation and E-expo . CPECB is the strongest bridge to connect with CPEC and Belt and Road through our club The Global Trade
route in 2020

What makes us different

#1 CPEC Businessman Network

The most credible and reputable businessman network of CPEC & BRI

1 To 1 Direct Networking

CPECB offer private networking events to its member which are exclusive to exchange valuable opportunity directly with a hot cup of tea

B2B Market Place

We have revised our model of establishing business after the 2020 pandemic by offering real time market place for companies to continue their business

Self Publishing

CPECB allow its member companies to reach 3.2 billion internet population through self publishing company profile and awareness of their product line

Sami Vohra

Respected and honourable  personality in business industry and playing fruitful role in CPEC and BRI to connect both side businessman under one roof and enhancing bilateral trade

R.Col.Maqbool Afridi

Senior and asset of Pakistan who is working in CPEC from last 18 years -Specially in Gwadar  . He is member of multiple trade bodies and honour to CPECB networking

Tariq Gul

A businessman worth linked with – He is one of Pakistani who get free-zone land through CPECB network . He is highly reputable personality in transport business and linking which Chinese  businessman fruitfully and creating opportunity for the nation.

Imran Ghani

A name in Pakistan Stationery industry ,who is working hard and taking serious participation in CPEC . He is also Vice Chairman of PAK CHINA BUSINESS COUNCIL  of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI

Maqsood Zulfiqar

Respected personality in engineering  sector . Director of RASTGAR

Marlen Bissalive

Highly reputable and serious personality who is linking Pakistan to Kazakhstan for CPECB Members

Shazad Sultan

Respected and valuable personality for Pakistani businessman and specially to CPECB member network , who is helping building gwadar port

Meet Few of Our Member

CPECB is one of the major and most important bridge for businessman who are working or willing in CPEC or BRI projects to connect reputable and direct network of Companies CEO’s , Directors, Parters , Owners and officials . Its a asset which is unmatched with anything else .



Private Physical meet-ups

Our meet-ups are arranged in secure and high end hotels and clubs to ensure our member privacy and security


We are linking only high positions

We believe in quality not quantity thats what make us unmatched

100% Result

CPECB Membership is one of your greatest assets.

Because every member is master in their field and committed to commitments

Our Goal To Establish Business Relations with 62 BRI Countries -

Few Members/Officials

CPECB linking reputable and direct source to companies CEO’s,Directors, Partners, Owners and officials under on roof . Few of our recent active member and 100s more – Join CPECB be a part of CPEC – Apply Now 


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