Pakistan has taken important measures for CPEC’s security: China

BEIJING: Pakistan has taken important measures for the security of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday.

Answering a question regarding recent media reports that China has been engaged in dialogue with separatist forces in Balochistan, the spokesman denied the reports.

“I have never heard about it,” said the spokesperson.

He further said that the security for CPEC’s construction has always been consulted by both Chinese and Pakistani governments.

“China appreciates important measures Pakistan has taken for the security of CPEC, effectively protecting the corridor projects and the safety of Chinese citizens,” said the spokesperson.

He added that China hopes and believes that Pakistan will continue to ensure the safety of the economic corridor.

Earlier, the Financial Times had claimed that China has been directly holding talks with Baloch militants to protect Chinese investment in Pakistan.

Hong Kong Talent for Belt and Road Opportunities

Hong Kong has a strong pool of talent to help support Belt and Road business opportunities. The city has expertise in financing, planning, designing and building large international projects across sectors.

Hong Kong an East-West Link for the Belt and Road

Hong Kong’s mix of eastern and western influences makes the city a great place to do business. From its strong rule of law to open society, Hong Kong is a solid link between East and West and can help you take advantage of Belt and Road opportunities.

Hong Kong Connects You to the Belt and Road

How is Hong Kong a Belt and Road super-connector? Hong Kong is within five hours of half the world’s population and the city’s free port, independent legal system and free flow of capital are among the city’s many advantages that can help connect businesses to the Belt and Road.

Hong Kong as a Belt and Road Launch Pad

How does the Belt and Road vision become a reality? Interested stakeholders need to identify the right opportunities, find the right partners and develop opportunities from the right platform. Hong Kong is the perfect launch pad to assess feasibility, potential and risk of Belt and Road projects.

Hong Kong’s Wide Range of Belt and Road Sector Support

Hong Kong can help global businesses capture the vast potential emerging from China’s Belt and Road with expertise in sectors ranging from logistics and financial services, to infrastructure and professional services (legal, accountancy, consulting).

The Impact of Developing the Belt and Road

Why develop the Belt and Road? Enhancing connectivity will boost trade and investment and lead to economic growth. An increase in public infrastructure, foreign investment and jobs will help develop markets and increase prosperity across the region.

What are the Five Links for the Belt and Road?

The Belt and Road Initiative is categorised into Five Links setting key areas of focus: policy coordination, infrastructure development, investment and trade facilitation, financial integration, and cultural and social exchange.

What does “Belt and Road” Mean?

What do the terms “Belt” and “Road” mean? The “Belt” refers to economic and overland transport links across China to Central Asia and Europe while the “Road” is a network of maritime routes connecting regions through Chinese sea ports.

How Big is the Belt and Road?

The Belt and Road Initiative will extend from the Chinese mainland to Europe and include more than 60% of the world’s population living in 60-plus countries across Asia, Europe and Africa. This will cover 30% the world’s GDP, and 35% of world trade.