PM Imran to nation: Increase in Export and Support to SME

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan in his first televised address to the nation has said that we have to change our thinking and lifestyle.

He said Pakistan has been braving the most difficult financial conditions of its history and we have to get more loans to pay the interest of previous loans.

He said Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali is his ideal and for him politics is not a career. He said we want to make a Pakistan that was envisioned by Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal. He criticized that we are still living in big houses like Prime Minister House, governor houses and commissioner houses.

He said the Prime Minister House alone is spread over 1100 canals and its annual expenses are tens of millions of rupees.

Khan said a beggar nation cannot be a great nation. He said the country has no funds to spend on its children. He announced to auction the vehicles of the prime minister house.

He said I promise that the money of the nation would be spent on it. He said taxpayers’ money would be spent on people. He said he will keep two vehicles and two servants.

He said he will fight the challenges. He said they would take steps to promote investment.  He asked the overseas Pakistanis to deposit their money in Pakistan banks.

He said we will remove hurdles in way of exports. He said we will fight corruption. He said the NAB would be helped in all possible ways.

He said we will make a law that any person pointing out and helping in recovery of the looted money by the corrupt people would get a share of 25 to 30 percent from the recovered amount. He announced to form a taskforce to bring back the looted money of the country.

He said new effectives laws would be enacted on the pattern of the KpK province. He said we will bring a system in which the civil cases would be decided within one year. He requested the chief justice of Pakistan to play his due role in this regard.

He said the government would introduce police and jail reforms. He said we will send lawyers to visit jails and assist the prisoners.  He said we will take stern action to end child abuse.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the government schools would be improved for betterment of education. He said we will also improve the seminary education. He said we will revamp healthcare and improve condition of government hospitals. He said we will introduce system of health card in the country.

Khan said the issue of water shortage is a very serious issue. He said the tanker mafia is minting money due to shortage of water. He said we are forming a separate ministry and take all-out steps for conservation and saving of water. He said the Bhasha Dam would be built on all costs.

He praised the efforts of the chief justice of Pakistan regarding building new dams. He said we will assist farmers and help them in increasing production.

He said we will introduce reforms in civil service and ensure upholding of merit.

He said we will give employment to youths and a big project will be made in this regard. He said interest-free  loans will be given to the youths. He said we will erect new housing units. He said tree plantation drive would be launched in the country.

He said we will establish new parks and new playgrounds.  He also announced to bring changes in the local government system. He said the South Punjab should be made a separate province.

He said the government will give special focus on Karachi and solve its problems including public transport issue.