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Airport Entry Pass

CPEC Consult and send your application to evaluates and recommends cases for issuance of Airport Entry Passes to those investors/companies whose equity investment is maintained equal/more than US$ 10 million in the country.

The companies those have Equity Investment up to volume of US$ 10Million are entitled for one Airport Entry Pass and subsequently Equity Investment up to US$ 20Million for two (2). For three (03) Airport Entry Passes the equity investment of the company is required up to volume of US$ 50Million in the matter.

Covering letter of the company
Application form duly filled in (airport entry Pass form) (in triplicate).
Certified copy of latest audited financial statement indicating equity investment of the company
Security Clearance Form (in triplicate)
Copy of each CNIC
Departmental card
Old Airport Entry Pass if you have
Security Clearance from SSP, Special Branch
Colour Photograph (5 Nos)

Download Airport Entry Pass Form

Download Security Clearance form

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Required Documents.

  • Application form duly filled in (airport entry Pass form).
  • Security Clearance Form
  • Copy of each CNIC, departmental card and Old Airport Entry Pass.
  • Special Branch security Clearance report.
  • Certified copy of latest audited financial statement indicating equity investment of the company.



Board examines the application submitted by the companies specifically latest financial statement

Recommendation As Per Criteria

Board recommends the cases to Aviation Division for issuance of AEP as per following details:

  • Upto 10 Million US $ = 1 Airport Entry Pass.
  • Upto 20 Million US $ = 2 Aiport Entry Passes.
  • Upto 50 Million US $ = 3 Airport Entry Passes.


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