Alibaba officials meet with TCS & Yayvo officials in Karachi

Ever since Anusha Rahman, Minister of Information Technology announced that Alibaba will soon be launching in Pakistan along with payment gateway, AliPay. Every news regarding Alibaba is considered a step closer to the launch of Alibaba e-commerce conglomerate in Pakistan. The most recent development on this end has been the meeting between TCS/Yayvo and Ali Baba officials in Karachi.

Although, TCS and Yayvo have kept most of the meeting details a secret. There is a strong speculation that this will be a start of a long-term collaboration between TCS and Alibaba on the logistics end. During the meeting, Alibaba officials visited the warehouse facilities of TCS to see the infrastructure and processes. The team also visited the Yayvo head office in Karachi and discussed the current and upcoming e-commerce trends in the country.

The technology insiders are calling it an important meeting. The rumor mill has been strong around Alibaba in the country, where leaks regarding the acquisition of local e-commerce stores and local payment solutions are coming up every now and then. But, there has been no official word from any of the involved parties.

For any e-commerce platform to be successful, it should have a strong technology platform, secure and flawless payment mechanism and streamlined logistics. For these, either Alibaba will come with its own solutions or partner up with already established solutions in Pakistan.


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