Best freight quote CPEC & Belt and Road Route

China Pakistan Economic Corridor Business (CPECB) is pleased to announce a new line of service for facilitation of our valued business community.

Worrying about getting the best freight quote is now a thing of the past. CPECB welcomes you to kick off the process of your next shipment with us.

It’s simple. You provide us with the following information namely:

  • Shipping destination of the cargo;
  • Transport mode and equipment being used (for example; by ocean on pallets); and
  • Shipment details including dimensions, weight and a description of goods.

Once the above information is provided accurately we will get back to you with the best freight quotation available in the market. This will not only save your precious time and efforts but also add efficiency and cost effectiveness in the initiation of shipment process.

Please remember that the freight quote is an estimated cost of shipment and it depends on the data provided as mentioned above. The more accurate details the more near to real cost our estimate will be.

We will be pleased to serve our valued clients to cater to their needs.

Please feel free to contact us:

Mobile number:  +923311456789

Email Address:


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