Discover Quality Products from Pakistan – Unveiling a World of Trade Opportunities from the Heart of the Belt and Road Initiative

Offering From Pakistan

Pakistan, a nation of approximately 240 million people spanning four provinces, stands as a vibrant hub for diverse industries, including Food, Textile, Leather, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Sports Equipment, and IT sectors. With an accomplished workforce, a thriving agricultural sector, a flourishing seafood industry, and four major ports, including two significant sea ports, Pakistan confidently asserts its strategic importance at the crossroads of South Asia, the Middle East, and Central Asia, catalyzing regional and global trade.


Here at CPECB, we exude unwavering confidence in our comprehensive protocol. We are dedicated to providing our buyers with assurance, reliability, and a wealth of resources. Under our roof, we unite seasoned companies, forging strong supply chains and ensuring successful endeavors. We offer a platform that radiates trust and embodies the essence of confidence for businesses eager to thrive in Pakistan’s ever-evolving market


Textile Products From Pakistan

CPECB offers a full range of textile services, directly sourced from reputable manufacturers, all proudly originating from Pakistan. Our registered members include industry-renowned names, guaranteeing competitive rates, top-notch quality, and on-time delivery, with reliable logistics by road or sea.


Working with us helps you save time and costs because we offer you multiple quotes from multiple manufacturers. We boast the strongest network of manufacturers in Pakistan, with company owners and directors on board. Choose CPECB for your textile needs, proudly made in Pakistan. Request a quote today and experience our excellence firsthand.

Leather Garments From Pakistan

Discover the epitome of craftsmanship and style with our leather jackets, sourced directly from renowned manufacturers in Pakistan through CPECB. Our registered members, comprised of industry-leading names, bring you a collection of leather jackets that exude quality, elegance, and timeless design.



Crafted by the best in the business, these leather jackets are a testament to Pakistan’s rich tradition of leather craftsmanship. From the twisting and weaving of the finest hides to the impeccable dyeing, printing, and packaging processes, our jackets bear the mark of excellence at every step, all proudly made in Pakistan.



By choosing our leather jackets, you not only embrace unparalleled quality but also enjoy cost savings and efficiency. CPECB’s robust network of manufacturers, with company owners and directors at the helm, ensures you receive multiple quotes from multiple sources, making your selection process hassle-free and economical.



 Choose CPECB, your gateway to the finest leather craftsmanship Pakistan has to offer. Request a quote today and experience the allure of our leather jackets, where quality meets affordability.

Global Quality, Local Pride: Our Fiberglass Solutions

CPECB confidently presents a comprehensive range of high-quality fiberglass products, including FRP pultruded profiles, industrial molded gratings, storage tanks, GRE tube well pipes, GRP, GRV, GRE pipes and fittings, as well as essential fiberglass raw materials, all proudly bearing the “Made in Pakistan” label. These versatile solutions cater to a wide spectrum of applications, emphasizing durability, safety, and efficiency. With a commitment to quality and reliability, CPECB serves clients not only within Pakistan but also extends its offerings to international markets, ensuring that projects worldwide benefit from our top-notch fiberglass solutions while supporting Pakistan’s manufacturing excellence.