Building Bridges for Economic Growth: CPECB Community Welcomes Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang Visit to Pakistan’s

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The entire China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Business (CPECB) network and all members welcome Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang’s visit to Pakistan. We extend our warmest greetings to the Foreign Minister and express our gratitude for the strong friendship and partnership between China and Pakistan. The CPECB platform is dedicated to the Belt and Road Initiative, connecting companies and projects under one roof. As a community, we are committed to fostering strong friendships and partnerships between Chinese and Pakistani companies, as well as other BRI countries. Through collaboration and cooperation, we aim to ensure the success of the CPEC project, which has already brought significant benefits to both China and Pakistan, including job creation, infrastructure development, and increased economic growth.
We are honored by his presence and deeply appreciate the strong relationship between China and Pakistan, which has been a key driver of the CPEC project’s success. We look forward to a productive visit and continuing our collaboration to foster economic growth and development for both countries and the region as a whole

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