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Welcome to China Pakistan Economic Corridor Business . The premium businessman networking platform of China Pakistan Economic Corridor and Belt and road which is dedciated for only companies CEO, Directors, Partners, Owners and state offcials .

CPECB Career is highly reputable opportunity for individuals who are seeking career opportunity in CPEC and Belt and Road Initiative trade and relation building .

Either you are entrepreneur or looking for growth based job in CPEC which will genrate handsome cash and reputation and cradibility in CPEC and BRI counrties.

CPECB is membership based platform which build business through relationship by offering multiple resources to its members like online portal and physical face to face meet-ups in pakistan and other 65 counrties .

Our goal is to play fruitfull role in participating in Economy through trade and establish maximu business opportunities , ensuring the protocol and under states rules.

If you like to be part of CPECB team then fill the form . Please note CPECB will offer you 3 month on handsome commision and watch your activity silently , ones your proved your result and dedication, CPECB will welcome you as offcial team member .

Good news is CPECB is highly flexable which mean you can work either part time or full time at your own location based in BRI 65 counrties .

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