Gwadar port offers enormous avenues for Kazakhstan: Agha Baloch

Gwadar port offers enormous avenues for Kazakhstan: Agha Baloch

The Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan Yerzhan Kistanfin called on Minister for Science and Technology Agha Hassan Baloch in Islamabad on Monday.

The Minister highlighted the tremendous opportunities for cooperation that exist between the two countries and expressed the desire for a broad-based and deeper relationship with Kazakhstan.

Agha Hassan Baloch said that Gwadar port offers enormous avenues for Kazakhstan for promoting trade with the Middle East and other countries of the world.

The Ambassador said that Pakistan possesses a remarkable and perfect location on the map of the world and all possible practical measures will be taken to have utmost benefits from this location

Belt and Road initiative is moving strongly

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PM inaugurates road, development projects in Gwadar

PM inaugurates road, development projects in Gwadar

PM broke ground for the Gwadar Seawater Desalination Plant by China Aid, Jingtal Gwadar Private Limited, Hangmei Lubricant Plant, Hangeng Agricultural Industrial Park, Gwadar Expo Centre and Gwadar Fertilizer Plant, besides distribution of 3,000 solar panels.

GWADAR: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Friday inaugurated the Eastbay Expressway project, and performed ground-breaking of seven more development projects in Gwadar.

A component of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the six-lane Eastbay Expressway would connect the Gwadar Port with the Makran Coastal Highway, also providing a link to Karachi.

The prime minister, who unveiled the plaques of the projects, expressed dissatisfaction over the slow pace of work. He broke ground for the Gwadar Seawater Desalination Plant by China Aid, Jingtal Gwadar Private Limited, Hangmei Lubricant Plant, Hangeng Agricultural Industrial Park, Gwadar Expo Centre and Gwadar Fertilizer Plant, besides distribution of 3,000 solar panels.

He also took an overview of the development projects, including the under-construction Gwadar Airport, which was being built under a Chinese grant and faced delays in completion.

Shehbaz said a desalination plant would be installed and a hospital had been built for the people of Gwadar, while 3,200 solar panels would be distributed among the families there. He said instead of wasting billions on the water reservoirs, a desalination plant should have been installed to cope with the water needs of Gwadar.

The prime minister said in order to avoid any more delay in the projects, he had ordered to strictly follow the timelines. He promised that due to the silting, the depth of Gwadar sea port was reducing and instructed for dredging to allow the traffic of heavy ships.

He suggested a G2G model for installation of the desalination plant and called for initiating talks with the Chinese side without any delay. Proposing a model to address the issue of power supply to Gwadar, he said the government should award a contract to any private company to provide solar panels to the households and bank loans should be arranged for them to pay back.

Proposing a second model, the prime minister said a solar plant of 100-150 megawatt should be installed in Gwadar to provide off-grid power supply to the people, who would be paying to the company as electricity bills.

Shehbaz Sharif also announced that in the first phase, the federal government would provide 2,000 boat engines to the fishermen through balloting. He announced that the federal government would also allocate funds for establishment of a university in Gwadar to ensure its timely completion.

The prime minister said the federal government would enrol another 500,000 poor people as beneficiaries of the BISP, with 100pc cover to the poor people of Gwadar.

He asked Minister for Planning Ahsan Iqbal to hold comprehensive talks with Chinese investors and prepare a clear roadmap for the resolution of all issues. Minister for Narcotics Control Nawabzada Shahzain Bugti and special assistants Tariq Fatemi and Fahd Hussain also attended the meeting.

Separately, addressing the officers attending the Command and Staff Course at the Command and Staff College, Quetta, PM Shehbaz Sharif said that the armed forces of Pakistan were the guarantors of peace, internal and external security, and regional stability, besides contributing to the global peace efforts. He paid rich tribute to the achievements and sacrifices of Pakistan armed forces.

On arrival, he laid a wreath at the Shuhada Monument to pay homage to the martyrs of Pakistan, according to ISPR.The PM said that Pakistan’s successes in the war against terrorism were unparalleled and duly acknowledged by the world. He said the armed forces had always done a commendable job in service of the nation during natural calamities. The armed forces of Pakistan are a very important state institution and the pride of the nation, he reiterated.

PM said that the country’s defence was sacred and Pakistan’s security, sovereignty and integrity would be ensured at all costs.“The nation owes its freedom to monumental sacrifices of our heroes, our martyrs,” the prime minister remarked.


PM reaches Gwadar to inaugurate the expressway in Gwadar.

PM reaches Gwadar to inaugurate the expressway in Gwadar

QUETTA: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday arrived in Gwadar to lay the foundation stone of various development projects.

Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Quddus Bienjo received the prime minister at the Gwadar airport.

Federal and Provincial Ministers, Chief Secretary Balochistan IG Balochistan and other officials were also present.

During his visit, the PM will pay an aerial visit to the city and Gwadar Port. Besides, he will also inaugurate the expressway in Gwadar.

Belt and Road initiative is moving strongly

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Gwadar Eastbay Expressway completion likely by October end

ISLAMABAD – Gwadar Eastbay Expressway the most important mega connectivity and road infrastructure project worth $168 million is likely to be completed this month.


The completion of the Gwadar Eastbay Expressway being constructed under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would trigger a major jump in the development of the Coastal City, a senior official of Gwadar Development Authority told media on the mega project status.

He said the project was envisaged under the Early Harvest Scheme during the first phase of CPEC. The project was part of a wider $1.1 billion development package for the city and Port of Gwadar.

While elaborating the project details, the official informed that Gwadar Eastbay Expressway was a six-lane urban motorway. “The road will connect Gwadar Port with Gwadar Free Trade Zone and Makran Coastal Highway. Currently, more than 92 percent of construction work has been completed,” he added. Expressway, he said, would improve the trading potential of Gwadar Port, whereas the Expressway aimed at meeting the transportation requirements of the Port.

Economic and commerce experts said that Gwadar Eastbay Expressway would prove to be a major step in utilising the full potential of Gwadar Port for trade, especially the way it would help connect Gwadar Port with Gwadar Free Trade Zone.


Senior Economist Dr Fazl Shah said this would increase the flow of business transactions across the Port. “Gwadar Free Trade Zone is currently in the attraction of investors across the globe. In this context, the completion of Gwadar Eastbay Expressway this year will certainly turn out to be a major development,” he added.

Moreover, the Expressway would connect Gwadar Port with other cities across the country, said Akram Sheikh, infrastructure expert at a leading real estate firm.

He said the significance of Gwadar Eastbay Expressway was further highlighted as it connected Gwadar Port with Makran Coastal Highway. The Makran Coastal Highway was a 653km national highway that extended from Karachi in Sindh to Gwadar in Balochistan. “This will certainly pave the way for businesses across Pakistan to capitalise on the rich business potential of Gwadar. The Expressway will create a business boom in Gwadar,” he said.

It may be mentioned here that the completion of Gwadar Eastbay Expressway carried a lot in its lap for the Coastal City. It would not only help Gwadar Port to fully capitalise on its trading potential but would also make Gwadar a hub of investment for businesses across Pakistan

CPEC JCC meeting today

ISLAMABAD – The 10th meeting of the Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will be held today (Thursday). The JCC is likely to take up the framework agreement for Industrial Cooperation (IC) and the financial close of the 300MW coal fired power plant at Gwadar.

The one-day meeting, to be held via video link, will be co-chaired by Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiative Initiative Asad Umar and Vice Chairman National Development and Reforms Commission (NDRC) of China Ning Jizhe.

The JCC is the highest decision-making forum which periodically reviews progress on ongoing CPEC projects and give approval to new projects. Usually the JCC meeting is held once or twice a year. 

The JCC was started in 2015 and so far nine JCC meetings had taken place. During PTI government only one JCC meeting was held in November 2019. During past 22 months the JCC meeting could not be convened.

There are nine joint working groups (JWGs) under the JCC including energy, transportation infrastructure, Gwadar Port, Planning, industrial cooperation, socio-economic development, agriculture, science and technology and international cooperation. 

Secretary Planning would brief the meeting on Long Term Plan (2017-2030) for its evaluation and possible update, official source told The Nation. The source said that on Wednesday till late night both the sides were finalising the agenda of the 10th JCC meeting.

The source said that framework agreement for Industrial Cooperation (IC) between Pakistan and China is on the agenda of the JCC. Pakistan and China had already signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on industrial cooperation and now the 10th JCC is likely to give its nod to the framework agreement, the source said. Special Economic Zone Rashakai will also be discussed in the meeting.

In communication infrastructure the focus is on Chakdara to Chitral Expressway and Chitral to Shandur Road. Other proposed projects for the meeting are Peshawar-D.I. Khan Motorway, Swat Expressway Phase-II, Dir Expressway and CRBC.

In Gwadar the source said that main project is 300MW Gwadar coal-fired power plant. The meeting would try to announce the date for the financial close of the project. Similarly for Gwadar free zone policy would be discussed.

Progress on Gwadar Eastbay Expressway and new Gwadar international Airport will also be discussed in the meeting. 

Under socio-economic, the source said, work on five projects has been completed while six are in progress. In the meeting LOE for two more projects will be signed, the source added.

Similarly in agriculture sector short, medium and long-term projects identified by the China-Pakistan JWG would be discussed in the meeting. Beside action plan for pest control may also come to the meeting.  

The provision of security to the Chinese nationals working in Pakistan is also on the agenda of the JCC meeting. It is worth to mention that the JCC-10 meeting on CPEC which was earlier scheduled for July 16, 2021 but was postponed after nine Chinese and five Pakistani nationals were killed in an accident near Dasu project area.

Customs clears first consignment for Metal Scrap Gwadar Free Zone

ISLAMABAD: The Customs has cleared the first import-export consignment by M/s HK Sun Corporation Limited, which will be further processed at the Gwadar Free Zone established under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and later they will be exported from Pakistan.

The consignment consisting of metal scrap was processed and cleared by the Model Customs Collectorate, (A&F) West, Karachi and it reached the Gwadar Free Zone regulated by Model Customs Collectorate, Gwadar. More shipments of raw material of the same company is also en route to Pakistan for use in manufacturing of exportable goods.

The M/s HK Sun Corporation is the first enterprise that started manufacturing and processing activity in the free zone, followed by other investors to contribute to the development of first-ever free zone established in Gwadar under CPEC.

According to the concessions agreement signed between China Overseas Ports Holding Company (COPHC) and Gwadar Port Authority (GPA), the development and operation of Gwadar free zone is being performed by COPHC. The proposed development period extends from 2015 to 2030, divided into four phases.

With import of the current consignment, the Gwadar Free Zone has practically become operational leading to the development of other economic zones under CPEC in Pakistan. The free zones will integrate and strengthen the linkage of industries between China and Pakistan.

The free zone is positioned as an economic development engine of Gwadar to transform international trade logistics hub under CPEC. It will create employment opportunities and will act as a catalyst for economic growth and development of the country.

The Federal Board of Revenue is committed to achieving the PM’s vision and is undertaking swift clearance of the Free Zone Cargo to prevent any loss or hardship to the export industry.

FBR issue Gwadar Tax Free Zone Rules 2021

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Wednesday issued Gwadar Tax Free Zone Rules, 2021, explaining the tax exemptions, incentives, and tax concessions available to the investors of the zone.

According to the draft rules issued by the FBR, a goods declaration in respect of goods imported for a free zone along with other documents shall be presented.

The goods declaration shall be filed by the investor, or a clearing agent duly authorised. The goods imported into a free zone shall be examined and assessed in accordance with the provisions of the Customs Act, 1969 and rules made thereunder. The exemption granted under the Customs Act and Gawadar Port Authority Ordinance, 2002 shall be applicable to plant, machinery, equipment, apparatus and materials to be used solely within the limits of a free zone and to goods imported into the zone by the investors.

Provided that plant, machinery, equipment and apparatus including capital goods imported shall be retained for a period of at least five years from the date of importation.

Duty and tax free vehicles shall be allowed to be imported by the concession holder and its operating company for construction, development and operations of Gwadar Port and free zone area under the regulatory mechanism.

The regulatory mechanism for such vehicles, including the number and types importable, shall be devised by the Ministry of Port and Shipping and the FBR, in consultation with the provincial government if so required, and shall be notified by the FBR. An investor providing logistic services may import vehicles and equipment, free of leviable duty and taxes proportionate to their operational requirements determined under the regulatory mechanism devised and after recommendation from the authority, the FBR added. The rules added that the concession holder, its operating companies and contractors/subcontractors may import materials and equipment (plant, machinery, appliances and accessories), exclusively for construction and operation of the terminals and the free zone area subject to filing a goods declaration to that effect. The “concession holder” means China Overseas Ports Holding Company Limited or any other company having rights from the Gwadar Port Authority to develop, manage and operate Gwadar Free Zone in terms of concession agreement signed under Gwadar Port Authority Ordinance, 2002.

OOG Cargo Load At Gwadar Sea Port

Star Shipping  CPECB Founder member are pleased to report that have closed 2020 with the inaugural handling of a vessel at Gwadar Seaport in Pakistan.

Muhammad Kamran at Star Shipping: “It gives us great pleasure to provide our services for the maiden voyage at Gwadar Sea Port Pakistan by loading the over-dimensional cargo. Gwadar is Pakistan’s largest infrastructural project since our independence and is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the western province of Balochistan, 533km from Karachi.

As a leading shipping agent and project logistics provider, Star Shipping Pakistan offers a comprehensive portfolio of services by land, sea and air as well as stevedores, port operators, ships agency and other related services. Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority and so, both breakbulk and container shipments are carried out under the direct control of our experts at the ports, ensuring the best quality of service at all times.”

DAP fertilizer discharge rate hits historical record at Gwadar Port

KARACHI: On the morning of 8th December 2020, DAP fertilizer imported from Australia arrived on bulk vessel Strategic Endeavour at Gwadar port to discharge 22,000 tons. This represents culmination efforts of Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) and Pakistan Customs (in-particular) to continue Afghan Transit Trade in this very important port. The transit goods for Afghanistan has been gradually normalized at time of world vide Covid-19 pandemic and supply chain challenges which have emerged out of it.

We are pleased to announce that this was the highest discharge rate ever achieved for DAP fertilizers in just over 4 days. The vessel completed discharge of 22,000 tons and sailed from Gwadar port in minimal time due to immediate on-arrival berthing, zero waiting time at Anchorage and efficient handling facilities with highly capacitive terminal structure and logistic services. This development also reflects the keen interest of our stakeholders to support economic development in Pakistan and in the region.

Gwadar International Terminals Limited (GITL) has worked together with Pakistan Customs (transit trade directorate), Customs bonded carriers’ association, Customs clearing agents and relevant security agencies to enable the port to excel and transform Gwadar into a preferred port of call to support the high trade volumes in the region said Capt Dai Xiaolong, CEO of GITL. He further elaborated that Pakistan’s other ports are facing huge congestion due to high traffic of vessels carrying bulk cargoes, which result in delaying the operation and transportation of shipments; thus disturbing the entire supply chain mechanism.

Gwadar Port due to its unique geographical position makes it a fast-economical link between land-locked central Asian states and to the rest of the country. Being a Worm Water Natural Deep-Sea Port and its strategic location; Gwadar port on its path to be a Gateway & Hub of world businesses & trades and catering for all types of International commercial activities generated from one business to another, irrespective of quantity, quantum & magnitude with a vision of being Pakistan’s Preferred & Responsible Maritime Gateway.

GITL’s economic and efficient facilitates provides enormous opportunities to logistic companies, customs clearing agents and port related businesses. In the wake of covid-19 port officials have been working closely with industry stakeholders and other Government agencies in taking all necessary precautionary measures to safe guard’s health and safety of personnel involve in port operations and to make sure our stakeholders businesses continue to run efficiently and smoothly.

Despite ongoing impact of Covid-19 and many challenges we faced during the year 2020 the management of GITL proudly take this opportunity to mention the significant developments the port has witnessed during this year, this includes; the first International transshipment of Bulk and containerized cargo, Afghan transit trade of containerized and Bulk cargo, LPG imports etc. Now Gwadar port is all set to become the hub of international transshipment which will help the country in earning much needed foreign exchange in near future which also is in line with the vision of Prime Minster of Pakistan to launch first-ever transshipment policy to promote regional economic integration.

The operationalization of CPEC’s western corridor was also the reality through these business activities. Gwadar Port is now connected with most of up-country’s destinations by road with sufficient availability of bonded carriers, logistic companies and vast yard storage facility; tailored to the individual needs of various cargoes. Gwadar port is expected to add new cargo movements (import of more bulk commodities like coal, wheat, sugar & steal, import of LNG and transported through virtual pipeline, export of clinkers etc.) to increase its cargo handling capacity in millions of tons by 2025, this will help in earning foreign exchange and will generate many local jobs through various business related activities and will also substantially earn a much needed foreign exchange which country direly need at present; said Chairman China Overseas Ports Holding Company Zhang Baozhong.-PR

Publish on Business Recorder 14 dec 2020

Kyrgyzstan businessman can access international markets from Gwadar, linking CPECB Members Network

CPECB Businessman network help businessman from Kyrgyzstan to connect with CPECB members to access international market from Gwadar port and Karachi port . As Pakistan is strategically important for Kyrgyzstan. As a landlocked country, Kyrgyzstan wants access to global markets through ports such as Gwadar and Karachi. CPECB Invite businessman from Kyrgyzstan to Join CPECB businessman network to link with CPEC and BRI to establish mutual interest to boost trade activity

This was stated by Ambassador of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan, Mr. Eric Beshibimov while addressing two day confernce “Re-Imagining the Silk Road- Pakistan Kyrgyzstan Relations in the Age of Connectivity” hosted by the Lahore Center for Peace Research at the Sheraton Hotel in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

The Kyrgyz ambassador stressed that undergoing basic projects such as Pakistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan Road must be completed as soon as possible.

He said that holding such bilateral events would boost trade, investment and tourism which are mutually beneficial for both the countries. The Kyrgyz ambassador said co-operation between the two countries is ongoing despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Sadiq Sanjrani, co-chairman of the Senate of Pakistan, who co-chaired the conference, said the conference was an attempt to advance regional connectivity goals for the common purpose of Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan. He appreciated the role of the LCPR and hoped that the conference would generate ideas for promoting closer ties between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan. He added that work needs to be done to promote tourism and that the easy visa regime should be implemented.

Kashif Irshad, Advisor to the Chief Minister, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, briefed the conference on “Pakistan’s Investment Policy and Opportunities”.

He said that BRI and CPEC have brought paradigm shift in investors’ perspective vis a vis investment in Pakistan. Arshad said that 29 special economic zones will be built in coming years. He also announced 35 scholarships for Kyrgyz students in Pakistan.

Expressing his views, Nazir Hussain, Executive Director, Lahore Center for Peace Research, said that Pakistan was keen to engage with the Central Asian states and was looking forward to finding new avenues of cooperation between the two states. On the second day a number of MOUs were signed between several companies and universities.