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The success of a business often rests on its ability to manage logistics efficiently. Whether it’s moving goods domestically or internationally, a smooth and well-coordinated logistics operation is crucial to achieving success. This is where CPECB comes in.

CPECB, or China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Business, is a premier business networking platform dedicated to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The platform brings together hundreds of verified shipping, logistics, and freight forwarder companies, providing a one-stop solution for all your logistics needs.

At CPECB, we are dedicated to offering the best services and solutions to our clients. Our platform has extensive experience in the Belt and Road Initiative and has a proven track record of delivering reliable and efficient logistics solutions across the countries involved in the BRI, such as China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and many other BRI countries.

Whether you require domestic logistics, warehouse services, international logistics, or specialized solutions, CPECB has you covered. Our platform makes it easy for you to find the right company for your specific needs and to get the best prices and quotes.

By using CPECB, you can streamline your logistics operations and save time and money in the process. Our platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for you to find the right company for your needs. Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions or provide support, ensuring that your logistics operations run smoothly.

To experience the many benefits of CPECB, request a quote from us today. Simply send an email to info@cpecb.com, and our team will get back to you within 5 hours with the best prices and services available.

if you want to streamline your logistics operations across the Belt and Road, choose CPECB. Our platform is dedicated to providing the best services and solutions to our clients, and our team is here to help. Contact us today to get a quote and start streamlining your logistics operations!

Discover the Best CPECB Verified Shipping Companies for Reliable and Efficient Shipping Services to Belt and Road Countries

The Belt and Road Initiative is a worldwide infrastructure and development initiative that was adopted by the government of China in 2013. It is also known as the One Belt One Road or the New Silk Road. Through a network of land and marine routes, it seeks to connect countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East in order to facilitate commerce and economic cooperation among these regions of the world.

As a direct consequence of this, there has been a huge surge in the demand for shipping services to and from the nations that are located along the Belt and Road. As a result of this demand, a number of shipping businesses that focus on moving commodities to and from these nations have established themselves in recent years.

One of these businesses is a shipping company that has been verified by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Business (CPECB). 

Recognition Award bestowed by the People's Republic of China to Sami Vohra,china friendship award karachi li bijian

CPECB Chairman recognized between the Chinese and Pakistani that was founded to promote economic cooperation between the two nations, with the primary focus being on the development of transportation infrastructure. 

Shipping businesses that have been verified by the CPECB provide a variety of services to facilitate the transit of commodities to and from countries along the Belt and Road. Among these services are also:

Sea freight: CPECB verified shipping companies offer a variety of sea freight services, such as full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) services. These services are referred to as “full container load” and “less than container load,” respectively. The difference between LCL and FCL is that the latter allows customers to fill a complete container with their own goods, while the former allows customers to share a container with other shippers.

Air freight: CPECB accredited shipping businesses also offer air freight services for goods that must adhere to strict schedule constraints. These services are normally more expensive, but they are significantly quicker than maritime freight.

Trucking, train travel, and other forms of ground transport are among the land transportation options provided by CPECB-verified shipping businesses. These options are available in addition to sea and air freight. These services are utilized frequently in the process of transporting commodities from ports to their ultimate location.

Warehousing and distribution: In order to better assist their customers in the management of their supply chains, CPECB accredited shipping businesses now offer warehousing and distribution services. These services include warehousing, pick-and-pack operations, and distribution to retail locations as well as distribution centers.

CPECB approved shipping businesses offer, in addition to these services, a wide variety of value-added services, such as customs clearance, documentation, and insurance coverage for their shipments. Customers can benefit from these services by gaining assistance in navigating the challenges of international trade and ensuring that the delivery of their goods goes successfully and quickly.

In general, shipping businesses that have been approved by the CPECB provide a variety of services that facilitate the movement of products to and from countries along the Belt and Road. Businesses have the ability to take advantage of the prospects presented by the Belt and Road Initiative and expand their reach into new markets if they collaborate with the aforementioned companies and work together.

Specialized Shipping Guaranteed Empower time solutions of goods

Any shipment that is too big, heavy, or cumbersome to be shipped by standard methods requires specific shipping services. From the extraction of oil and gas to the building and manufacturing industries, specialised transport is essential. Freight for these sectors must be handled uniquely because standard shipping companies do not offer the necessary services, such as climate-controlled trailers, hazardous permits, or escort services for big cargo.

Specialized cargo needs additional authorizations in addition to the standard ones required for transport of any package. Shipping specialised cargo may seem daunting because of the complexity of logistics and transportation systems. Thanks to the CPECB’s dependable bridging services, businesses can more easily and effectively transport their high-value, bulky, and/or fragile cargo. Shipments of specialist goods via cargo ship necessitate the use of a CPECB hub.

How do you move unusual cargo?

Specific materials have unique shipping needs, necessitating specialised modes of transport and vehicles. The type of cargo being shipped will determine the mode of conveyance selected. When transporting big cargo, an escort service may be required. The size, mass, and nature of the goods in question determine the optimal mode of conveyance.

Transport Vehicles That Don’t Get Wet

Dry vans are frequently used for the transportation of dangerous goods. From common household goods like nail polish and perfume to lethal chemicals and explosives, there are nine distinct categories of hazardous materials. Carriers transporting hazardous materials must take many safety courses and receive special permissions to show they understand the dangers their cargo faces during transit.

Specialized shipments include things like electronics, robots, and fragile fixtures that can’t be transported in a standard dry van. Therefore, additional packaging and care during the storage phase will be required for customised shipments. Dry van trailers are used by businesses for transporting valuable cargo because they provide the best protection from bad weather, accidents, and theft.

Transport Refrigerators

When you hear “refrigerated trucks,” your mind likely goes straight to the food distribution business. However, delivering perishable goods like vaccinations and medications requires the use of refrigerated trucks. Trucks with temperature-controlled trailers, also called reefers, are used to transport perishable goods. If you need to ship something that needs to be kept at a specific temperature, you might expect to spend more because of the cost of the fuel used to do so.

Trailers with Various Deck Heights

Oversized loads encompass a wide variety of large and heavy items, including industrial machinery, steel and mining materials, construction equipment, and more. Products that are wider than 8 feet (6.01 metres), taller than 13 feet (4.11 metres), and longer than 48 to 53 feet are considered oversized loads. The most frequent types of trailers used to transport oversized cargo are flatbeds, lowboys, and step deck trailers because they allow for product overhang.


There are many varieties of trailers used in the transport industry, but flatbeds are among the most frequent. The length ranges from 48 to 53 feet, while the width averages 8.5 feet. In contrast to enclosed vehicles like vans and trucks, flatbeds are open and hence more convenient for transporting cargo. With a capacity of up to 48,000 pounds, flatbeds are quite flexible. A tri-axle flatbed trailer can move up to 65,000 pounds of heavy haul freight.


When transporting items that are over six feet in height, lowboys are the ideal trailer. The lowboy is a frequent vehicle for transporting heavy construction equipment like excavators and bulldozers. A lowboy, often called a double drop trailer, has a ground clearance of just 18 inches, making it suitable for transporting tall equipment through narrow passageways such as tunnels and under low-lying bridges. When equipped with two axels, a lowboy can carry up to 40,000 pounds; however, extra axels can be added if necessary.

Balcony Stairs

Step-deck trailers combine the advantages of both lowboy and flatbed trailers. A step-deck has tiers that range in height from 3 to 5 feet, with the uppermost tier measuring 5 by 10 feet and the lowest tier measuring 3 by 43 feet. Because of this, step deck trailers are ideal for transporting a wide variety of goods in a single load. Forklifts, tractors, and other heavy machinery may be easily transported on step decks because of their 43,000-pound weight capability.

Pilot or Escort Vehicles

Safely transporting huge loads may necessitate the use of escort or pilot vehicles. Loads that are more than 90 to 100 feet long, or more than 12 feet broad or 14 and 12 feet high, typically require two escort cars. The enormous cargo is accompanied by these vehicles, which travel in front of and behind the load to alert drivers to potential hazards and help them avoid them.

Finding the Right Carrier for Your Unique Shipments

Finding a professional logistics partner is one of the most challenging aspects of arranging proper shipments for specialised materials in a market with hundreds of companies and severe rivalry. Consider these qualities essential in a reliable specialised shipping service.

Focused Expertise

For logistics providers to fully grasp your company’s requirements and offer suitable solutions, they must have extensive experience in the supply chain and logistics industry. It’s best to work with a logistics partner who has seen it all before, as they’ll be better equipped to handle any problems that arise and offer advice on how to solve them. At CPECB, we’ve done the legwork to ensure that only the most reliable companies and bridging services providers have made the cut, so that you can focus on getting the job done.

The Carrier-Side Network

Maintaining available space for your loads is crucial to a streamlined shipping process, which is why having access to a wide range of carriers is so important. If you have a load, don’t worry about it. PLS will connect you with a network of reliable carriers.

Offerings in a Wide Range of Categories

There are many people, tools, and services needed to successfully transport specialty cargo. Verify that your prospective logistics partners can meet all of your needs, from specialised trucking and hazardous products shipment to escort services.

Mechanical Methods for Transport

Having better tools at your disposal can help you be more visible and provide better service to your customers. Assure top-tier freight management by checking that your logistics partner makes use of cutting-edge tools like a transportation management system (TMS). When transporting bulky, delicate, expensive, or perishable items, having access to real-time load updates is crucial.

Bridging Verified  Logistics Provider

We at CPECB verified and experienced Logistics bridging Services have been doing this for over a decade, and the businesses in our network have been transferring specialised cargo for anywhere from five to ten years. Everything from heavy machinery for mining and construction to oilfield tools to food and medication can be bridged across the CPECB. Strategic route planning, permit quotes, pilot cars, police escorts, and more are just some of the specialist shipping services we offer. Plus, you may reach out to our professionals at any time, day or night, and get real-time information on your shipments from anywhere in the world. You can save both time and money on your unique shipping requirements by using the CPECB’s bridging services for Logistics Services.

Do you have any concerns or require a heavy haul price estimate? Get in touch with a professional right away at info@cpecb.com !

Suez Canal blockage exposes vulnerabilities of global trade flows

ERNE, Switzerland: International waterways matter, few more than the Suez Canal. More than 1 billion tons of cargo passed through the Egyptian waterway in 2019, according to the canal authority, which equates to roughly four times the tonnage passing through the Panama Canal.

Europe, in particular, depends on the canal for its supply of energy, commodities, consumer goods and components from Asia and the Middle East. So, when the giant cargo ship Ever Given ran aground on Tuesday, clogging this vital artery of world trade, anxiety quickly set in. 

When it became evident that the vessel could be wedged in place until Wednesday of next week, the ripple effect was felt far and wide — well beyond the offices of the ship’s owners and operators and their insurance companies.

The Ever Given is owned by Japan’s Shoei Kisen Kaisha and operated by Taiwanese firm Evergreen. Goods valuing around $10 billion pass through the canal every day, but the Ever Given alone is estimated to carry a load worth $1 billion, according to IHS Markit. 

The canal has been in continuous operation since it was first inaugurated in 1869, with only the briefest interruptions between 1957 and 1958 when Egypt’s then-President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the waterway and later between 1967 and 1973 due to the two Arab-Israeli wars.

For the most part, the canal has operated without a hitch for the past 50 years or more. And if anything, its importance has grown in tandem with globalization, cementing the links between the Orient and the Occident. 

Therefore it comes as no surprise that this temporary impasse poses far greater issues than simply dislodging a stricken ship. The temporary closure of the Suez Canal highlights several problems pertaining to ship size, as well as the vulnerability of international waterways, global supply chains and imports. 

Between 1980 and 2019, global trade volume grew 10-fold to $19.5 trillion. This growth came hand-in-hand with the ever-growing size of maritime vessels to meet mounting demand. Indeed, the dimensions of the Ever Given are truly enormous, at 1,444 feet in length (roughly the height of the Empire State Building), 194 feet in width and weighing in at more than 400 million pounds.

While waterways like Suez and Panama have undergone several major expansions and are dredged on a regular basis — the last Suez expansion was completed in 2015 — accommodating these giant vessels bears inherent dangers. Tuesday’s incident is a case in point. 

The question “How big is too big?” has vexed authorities, shipyards, vessel owners and operators alike. The question is also relevant for the insurance industry, which will have to pick up the bill for the Ever Given and any incidents in the future.

Another issue is how reliable “just-in-time” supply chains actually are. This question goes well beyond marine security. In just the past four years, trade wars between the US and China have left severe cracks in global supply chains. 

Reshoring, when companies return goods to their country of origin, has become increasingly common, as manufacturers look to protect their investments in the face of geopolitical tensions and unreliable supply chains.

If anything, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has exacerbated that trend. Last year, countries were scrambling over a limited supply of personal protection equipment (PPE). Now they are locked in a battle over access to vaccines.

These heightened political tensions demonstrate a need for more critical goods to be produced domestically, or at least on the same continent. By way of example, Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of Intel, recently announced the tech giant will soon establish more factories in the US and Europe to reduce its reliance on external microchip supply chains from Asia.

Pakistan, China working on transportation projects under CPEC: Haque

BEIJING: Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Moin-ul-Haque has said that Pakistan and China are discussing and working on many other transportation projects under the framework of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in major cities.

In an interview with China’s Global Times on Sunday, Haque said that the CPEC, in its first phase, focuses on infrastructure and energy development, referencing Gwadar Port projects in Southwestern Pakistan under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

“The port will enhance connectivity between the two countries and the rest of the world,” he added.

He said the metro line is an extremely important project under the CPEC that will provide a modern, efficient, and affordable transport service to the people of Lahore, a metropolis of 12 million people with serious traffic congestion.

“The line will also help reduce carbon emissions and air pollution in the city as more people use it to commute,” he added.

Pakistan’s first metro line, built by Guangzhou Metro Company, opened on October 25 in Lahore. It will be jointly operated by Chinese and Pakistani companies. In the second phase, he said, the CPEC will mainly concentrate on the areas of agriculture, science and technology, and vocational training, which are very important for Pakistan’s poverty alleviation, and economic and social development.

“By learning China’s experience, we are building a number of special economic zones across the country, which will provide opportunities for investors from China and other countries,” he said.

Haque noted that Pakistan and China have a long history of interaction and people-to-people exchanges, helping foster their relationship and mutual understanding in a variety of cultural sectors. “The two neighbours are getting closer than ever, from arts and culture, infrastructure and poverty alleviation to cooperation in regional security.”

While commenting on the release of Parwaaz Hai Junoon, the first Pakistani film which hit Chinese mainland theatres in decades, he said that he expects the movie to be warmly welcomed by Chinese audiences.

“It is one of the most popular and highest-grossing movies to be made in Pakistan, which had done very well in the box office in Pakistan and across the world,” he said.

Metro Goods Transport Company

We feel pleasure to Introduce our Heavy Haulage Transportation / Logistics Company;

Metro Goods Transport Company” (Logistics & Transport Consultant), was established in September, 1996 as a reasonably sound transportation / logistics business entrepreneur by means of its:

» Financial sound back ground
» Having a big fleet of good vehicles, machines & equipment with complete safety.
» Enrich in experience of all day-to-day transport & logistics needs.
» The best / vast experience in handling oil well equipment / rig moves without any time lost.
» Continuous effort for the improvement of “HSE”.

Metro Goods Transport Company (Logistics & Transport Consultant) is well known in Pakistan, Oil & Gas Drilling and Exploration Circles and Services Companies.

Late Mr. Muhammad Perwez Khan was the senior executive & transport consultant and member of chartered institute of logistics & transport. He was highly professional and most experienced person in handling of rig moves and projects handling all over the Pakistan, having supervised / organized over 500 rig moves, various projects throughout his matchless carrier of 33 years in this industry of logistics & transport.

Mr. Muhammad Asif Khan (Chief Executive & Proprietor) of this Company has vast experience and his trusted name in handling all day-to-day needs of oil & gas wells drilling & exploration companies and their services companies. Whether, it is small job or big moves his professional expertise is tested in this field throughout Pakistan. his 27 years’ experience has set some standards, which are being followed in this field of logistics & transport.

We (MGTC), would like to inform you that we are one of the most experienced transporters for the transportation of oil well equipment, (rig moves), pipes, casings, chemicals and oil & gas and power project cargo handling etc. .

We (MGTC), have also experience in transportation of heavy & over-dimensional packages, 20’, 40’ & 45’ FCL containers, LCL cargo, PTA / oil well chemical / cement bags, steel coils, steel billets, cement / power plants machinery, as well as general cargo by road throughout Pakistan.

We also provide cranes (telescopic & conventional), ranging from (05 – 100 Ton) capacities, fork lifters ranging from (02 – 10 Ton) capacities, dozers, loader on daily and monthly rental basis.

We are pleased to offer our professional services to meet the requirements from small pickup to big trailer in any part of Pakistan. MGTC continuous efforts to improve the quality of work tailored with your needs would be the key to our success.

Our Services are:

40’ flat bed trailers single axle / doble axle
Semi low bed trailers
Low beds & heavy low beds trailers
45’ / 48’ long heavy haulers
Hydraulic / multi axle trailers
20’ flat bed
14’ flat bed & high wall trucks
Small pickups
Mazda light trucks
Primovers single axle / double axle
Fork lifters
Cranes hydraulic / mechanical
Ware houses
Hand carry services
Air freight services
Sale / purchase of low / heavy generators & compressors

» BHP Petroleum (Pakistan) Pty Ltd.

» CCDC – Great Wall Drilling Company

» CCDC – Oil & Gas Engineering Company SPA

» China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Company Etimaad Engineering Ltd.

» China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPPB)

» Clough Engineering Ltd.

» Crescent Steel & Allied Products

» Descon Engineering & Presson Descon International Ltd.

» DEUTAG Tiefbohr International GmbH (Pakistan Branch)

» Etimaad Engineering Ltd.

» Huffaz Seamless Pipe Industries Ltd.

» ICI Pakistan Ltd.

» Lasmo Oil Pakistan Ltd.

» Mari Petroleum Company Ltd.

» MOL Pakistan

» Nishat Mills Ltd. & Nishat Chunian Ltd.

» OMV (Pakistan) Exploration GmbH

» Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.

» Parker Drilling Company International Ltd.

» PETRONAS Carigali (Pakistan) Ltd.

» Pipelink Construction (Pvt) Ltd.

» Pool International Inc.

» Sedco Forex International / Schlumberger Oil Field Services / Dowell

WORK LOAD: Presently, we are working for the following Companies:

» Baker Hughes EHO Ltd., Karachi / Islamabad (Transportation of Chemicals)

» CCDC – CNPC, Islamabad (Rig Moves & Transport)

» China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPPB), Islamabad (Transportation)

» Crescent Steel & Allied Products Ltd., Karachi (Transportation of Pipes)

» Descon & Presson Descon, Lahore (Transportation of Projects)

» Etimaad Engineering Ltd., Lahore (Transportation of Projects)

» FPM Petro Services, Karachi / Islamabad (Transportation of Chemicals)

» Ghani Glass Ltd., Karachi / Lahore (Transportation of Containers / Bulk)

» KCA – Deutag, Islamabad (Transportation)

» KSB Pumps (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore (Transportation of Projects)

» Mari Petroleum Company Ltd., Islamabad (Yearly Contract Basis)

» Pakistan Oilfields Ltd., Morgah, Rawalpindi (Transportation)

» Pakistan Petroleum Ltd., Karachi (Yearly Contract Basis)

We are also Pre-Qualified with the following Organizations:

» Best Way Cement

» China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Co. (Transportation of Projects)

» Clough Engineering Ltd., Karachi

» ENI Pakistan

» Huffaz Seamless Pipe Mills Ltd., Karachi

» M. I. Overseas Ltd., Karachi

» MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Company B.V., Islamabad

» Oil & Gas Exploration Company CRACOW, Islamabad

» Pak Arab Fertilizer, (NFC), Karachi & Lahore

» Premier & Shell Pakistan Ltd., Islamabad

» Schlumberger Oilfield Services, Islamabad

» UEP, Pakistan


Metro Goods Group Logistics is premium and verified member of CPECB , and have high reputation in earth moving machineries .

If you like to contact or have question you can comment below and it will directly reach to officials of Metro Goods group