Chengdu to Pakistan Sabat Kashmiri Lal Mirch - Cultivated In Pakistan

Sabat Laal Kashmiri Mirch 12 Ton Available

Date: 05/Aug/2022

Beej No. 302, 407 Mix . 

Please note: The stock is limited At the moment and offered Ex-warehouse. only serious buyers. Mirch is the same as the image. In order to place an order please contact us via phone or email only.  If you are a member of CPECB you can comment in the member area, rates will be offered directly at the member area. If you are not CPECB member please follow the contact us form below or call us.  Get the Best Rates and committed Delivery from CPECB . This Chili is locally planted in Pakistan 
It is good for Chili Powder

Placing Order


available from 10:00 – 19:00

Address Mr 4/2A Virjee Street Jodia Bazar 


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