Three New Corridor

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor added three more different projects: the China-Pakistan Green Corridor (CPGC), which will concentrate on the agricultural environment, food security, and green development; the China-Pakistan Health Corridor (CPHC), which will help Pakistan get more efficient in the medical field; and the China-Pakistan Digital Corridor (CPDC), which will boost Pakistan’s information technology industry (CPEC). It’s important to know that CPECB is a well-known platform that helps bridge services.¬†

China-Pakistan Digital Corridor (CPDC)

A directory of reputable information technology companies from Pakistan, China, and the other BRI countries. Joint ventures, Projects , A listing of reputable information technology businesses operating in Pakistan, China, and the other BRI nations.


Services that act as a virtual bridge between the corridor 

China-Pakistan Health Corridor (CPHC)

Hospitals, research laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies that will improve healthcare in Pakistan - Joint venture etc.

Ambassador of Pakistan to China Moinul Haq made this announcement at the China Economic Net (CEN) in Beijing.

Ambassador of Pakistan to China Moinul Haq made this announcement at the China Economic Net (CEN) in Beijing.

Ambassador Haque stated that Pakistan had a wealth of expertise and human resources in various disciplines of science and technology, and that IT-based science and technology have become crucial to Pakistan’s development.

“In terms of software development, we would be an indispensable resource for China. Therefore, we are collaborating to establish training centres in Pakistan for software development in several IT sectors “he stated.

According to The News, the envoy placed considerable importance on the new projects that are being launched with great enthusiasm. According to the sources, the official introduction of the projects could occur during Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s visit to China next month.

The invitation came from Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to the sources, diplomatic channels are being utilised to expeditiously determine the itinerary and pertinent trip details. They stated that the new routes would improve links between Pakistan and China and create a new, unbreakable bond between the two countries.

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China-Pakistan Green Corridor (CPGC),

Firms that are committed to protecting agricultural ecosystems, ensuring food security, and fostering sustainable development

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