Chinese group keen to invest in real estate, mining sectors in Pakistan

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Shandong Jinzheng Yang Group President Sun Yunxiang has shown keen interest in housing, real estate, mines and minerals sectors of Pakistan, it was revealed on Tuesday.

Shandong Jinzheng Yang Group from China President Sun Yunxiang along with a 9-member Chinese delegation visited Board of Investment (BOI) and met with Secretary BOI Iftikhar Babar, said a press release issued to the media.

The BOI secretary welcomed the Chinese investors to invest in Pakistan in all sectors of the economy especially in power, energy, construction, agriculture and other sectors of the economy.

The BOI secretary said that the government of Pakistan was committed to improving the business climate in the country in order to promote both domestic and foreign investments. This commitment has been reflected in the plan for improving business climate developed by the BOI in consultation with other stakeholders, which stipulates targeted interventions in different areas to improve business environment in the country.

BOI Director General Sohail Ahmed Khan gave a detailed presentation focusing on investment climate and investment opportunities available in Pakistan which was highly appreciated by the delegation.

Sun Yunxiang thanked the BOI for cooperation and facilitation on a short notice of one hour. He also informed about the company’s future investment plans for Pakistan.


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