CPEC Culture Exchange Iftaar!


Mass HRS & CPECB arranged Iftar Dinner in Honor of Zubair Tufail past President of FPCCI @ Marriot Hotel MNA’s High officials & Business Leaders attended this Iftar Dinner , Where culture is exchange with our Chinese friends from China Linyi Trade City  to show the value of our islamic culture and value of Ramadan and iftari .Discuss Dr Fouzia Hameed MNA and Tony chairman Linyi city CPEC Gwadar . Other dignities including Shakeel Dhingra , Naheed Masood , Noor Afshan , Changgaz khan , Brig Abuzar , Hasssn BAKSHI , Asadullah Shah, Riaz Mehar ,Obaidullah Sharif, Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Farooq, Shakeel Anjum, Hasan Khan, Ismail Pardesi, Kamran Alam, Shazad Ganatra, Abdul Hanan,Khalid Perwaiz, Eum, Farhan Babar, Amir Nadeem, Faisal Malik, Muhammad Ali Zia,Zeeshan Zubair, Ramsha Jahangir,Sitwat Afzal,Jamal Haider  attended the function .Tony presence made it good

Zubair Tufail Attend iftari of CPECB
Zubair Tufail
Mariam Chaudhry
Mariam Chaudhry
Sami Vohra
Sami Vohra








Honourable Zubair Tufail chairman of Tufail group of companies  share his concern about Pakistan industry and talk about growth of Pakistan business and share valuable culture of Pakistan with our Chinese friends for stronger ties and exchange of culture between two countries nation .

Mariam Chaudary who is known to be one lady who make the entire nation proud by her effort and work for the betterment of country . As she is also active member of CPECB and great participant for the businessman bridge of CPEC.

Mr Sami Vohra playing fruitful role in connecting businessman through his portal (CPECB) in Pakistan and Chinese businessman to enhance their networking directly and valuable . Mr Vohra share his valuable knowledge among the member of respectable guest  and introduce CPECB private messenger app which will bring the business community more closer under one roof .




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