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The only platform that provides a premium database of qualified companies for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Verified Companies Directory to partner with

Trust is a critical strategic asset for your company. There are various ways to build trust among your potential customers and business partners. One way is to display digital trust badge (or trust seal) on your website. Displaying the badge of trust inspires those looking for your type of services or products to choose your business above others. It will not only help you build a competitive advantage and stand out from competition, but will also boost conversion rate, drive sales and most importantly, build your company’s credibility and exposure as a trusted trading member/partner and service provider.

With this in mind, we have launched the “CPEC Trusted e-Network”, a global platform comprising trusted businesses, helping members establish trust with their potential customers and business partners. To ensure that only reliable businesses are listed, each company goes through credit rating verification process and receives a recommendation issued by China Pakistan Economic Corridor Business

The benefits of being labeled as a Trusted Business:

  • Boost your company’s visibility and exposure as a trusted trading partner and service provider.
  • Gain access to Trusted Business community
  • Get a dedicated company’s profile page and list company’s products and services
  • Gain access to the latest public and private sector leads opportunities.
  • Gain access to free CPEC and Belt and Road Initiative Webinars.
  • Access CPEC and BRI businessman via CPECB
  • Gain access to premium private CPEC and BRI events and gathering
  • Gain access to joint Ventures
  • Gain access across to get introduce with various BRI countries

For membership form please visit : https://www.cpecb.com/signup


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