CPECB Issues List Of Verified Companies In Pakistan

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Business is a resource that is made available to members of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Business and also for non members to view and avail CPECB bridging services . Companies can use this directory to hunt for new business partners that they can work with on their own projects. In addition to this, we offer premium support to assist in the search for partners in Pakistan that are able to fulfil a certain individualised requirement. 

Find potential business partners in Pakistan and China, and then gather information about the companies that would make up each of those potential business partners. Find out whether or not a certain product or service has a good chance of being successful in the commercial market in Pakistan. This is the only platform that offers a premium database of qualified businesses that are relevant to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the Belt and Road Initiative. 

CPECB has been working for the past eight years to gather reputable companies, and today businesspeople, investors, and companies that are looking for valuable companies can explore a real-time directory and use CPECB’s bridging services to establish connections and business ventures that run smoothly.

Find top Companies to Partner with in Pakistan

CPECB’s top firms in Pakistan list covers logistics, shipping, manufacturing, and more. It’s simple: select a company in the directory, share a query, and cpecb forwards it to the best matchmaker. Finally, We’ve worked for years to offer these services.

CPECB offers its services to 149 nations with or seeking investments in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a country with a unique style of making things function. CPECB makes it easier for current businesses and new firms to receive verified directories, which helps them grow together. ground-level everything works