CPECB Growing China and Pakistan digital economy

CPECB connects businessmen between China and Pakistan and boosts resources and experience through the digital economy . CPECB already build businessman community of digital economy under the framework of China Pakistan Economic Corridor , Said Samiullah Vohra Chairman China Pakistan Economic Corridor Business . Pakistan is known as the land of opportunity and it has tremendous and unmatched potential. Technology enables innovation and is the major productive growth .

As Pakistani entrepreneur has already establish digital economy linking platform by the name of CPECB.COM which is improving business environment , attracting domestic and foreign investment and most important establish valuable connection between businessman from China and Pakistan Hence, it’s time we give full play to the engine of the digital economy to achieve high-quality development. The digital economy is an important path to activate the consumer market and strengthen the real economy. Digital technology has given birth to new Internet models such as live broadcast economy, cross-border e-commerce, Internet finance, and new industries such as online education, Internet health care, and online office.

As a result, it creates a large number of individual and micro-economies, new employment space and opportunities, and more convenient digital products and services.


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