How we work

It’s very simple. After we receive your offer , we verified and and ensure you follow SOPs as advice by state and forward it the companies buyer department to facilitate CPECB network and play our part in this hard time .


We do not involve in buying or delivery but to facilitate by connecting buyer and seller in this hard time and play small part in facilitating.

Due to COVID-19 Business effected and cannot reach to buyer and buyers cannot reach suppliers .  since the government could not ban economic activities for an indefinite period, the need was being felt for facilitating trade and commerce in the province while keeping social distancing

Your  businesses  operate through an online mode will now submit an undertaking that they will adhere to the new SOPs so that the spread of the viral disease can be prevented.

The objective of the new SOPs, according to the notification, is to ensure that the online operations and deliveries of purchase orders are made in a manner that prevents the spread of COVID-19 and such operations are made by trained staff by avoiding social interaction during business activities, contact-less buying and selling, and utilising the internet and mobile order placement and payment services.

The SOPs for e-commerce are applicable to all such owners, proprietors and individuals conducting their businesses online. The notification reads that no exemption will be granted to anyone regarding the SOPs for online businesses.

The general SOPs for any permissible business that were issued earlier on April 14, 2020, shall also apply, to the extent as is applicable, to the online and e-commerce businesses.

Workplace SOPs

The online businesses are allowed to operate from Monday to Thursday between 9am and 3pm.

The log of each delivery person’s delivery point with address must be maintained and provided whenever asked for tracing contacts in case any delivery staff tests positive.

The notification reads that the management is support to ensure cleanliness at the workplace and the SOPs issued on April 14 shall be applicable in this regard.

Delivery SOPs

Only registered and employed staff visibly carrying business card and CNIC will be permitted to deliver the orders.

The delivery staff must maintain a safe distance of over 1 metre during all the interactions.

They are supposed to deliver the parcels by placing them at the customer’s doorstep and wiping them with disinfectant swabs before stepping back. They have been told to avoid the exchange of any items other than the package and cash.

Businesses must encourage online and digital payments via discounts or removal of payment charges of customers. Receipts should be sent electronically without any need of signatures from the customers.

The notification reads that any business unit, shop or store found violating the SOPs will have their permit immediately suspended and such workplaces may be closed.