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Keynote Speaker Category : Research, Motivational

Keynote Speaker Topics: ECE –specialist,Sports

Member of : Overseas Pakistani educator’s platform

Erum Khan Biography

Erum Khan is an educator/ researcher based out of Pakistan working for the last 12 years as an Educational consultant, motivational speaker, innovative conference planner, ECE –specialist, Trainer, Play consultant and Green advocate with the aim to bring a paradigm shift in our society through education, training and innovative strategies to solve our everyday problems.

She works with local and International Institutions, NGOs and Ministries with the sole aim to create a better world by connecting, collaborating, exchanging and implementing of research based ideas in our educational and business world and the society at large.

Her role as a trainer/speaker/Contributor is evident in the IPA Conference, Turkey, WWF International Conference, Malaysia, Code of Ethics Conference Abu Dhabi, ACEI Conference in USA, ISPCAN European regional Conference, Experiential learning Conference IOBM, Pakistan, Ashoka U,USA and many more local and global venues.

She works under her own brand ‘INNOVAZUN’ that speaks about creating avenues for innovation in our thoughts, mindsets, actions in all the aspects of human engagement. Her biggest aim is to prepare a generation of Innovators and problem solvers and for that she works with diversified stakeholders to create a more liberal and change driven society. One of her biggest goal is to bridge the gap between Universities and the business world that could serve not only our education system, but our economy at large.

She works with the Ministry of Youth affairs and Sports as a consultant on few youth developmental projects which aims to educate young minds through training programs to prepare them to actively engage with the society and come up with innovative and sustainable solutions.

She is a member of ‘Alliance for Self-directed Learning’ USA. She believes that people learn best when they are naturally curious to learn something. When learning comes out of curiosity, it takes the form of exploration which is the most needed skill in any age or culture. I believe this is the most effective and productive form of learning.

Erum recently started exploring the world of travel and tourism with the goal to achieve the slogan, ‘the whole world is my school’. She believes that with the dawn of a new era, the system which once served

the Industrial revolution has been collapsed. We are in a dire need of a new learning avenues which can pave the way for more deep and real learning. Thus she is working on Adventure based learning project to bring a revolutionary change in the system.

She is an Affiliate faculty at ‘Global Degree Academy’. She advocates that real learning lies in exploring the world not from the classroom but by traveling to the world because future employees are expected to have an array of life experiences, an ability to network internationally, a deep understanding of technology, and the determination to overcome large and daunting tasks. She advocates for Nature based and experiential learning in K-12 and graduate Classrooms. She is working on an ‘Adventure learning Project’ in collaboration with few International organizations and Discovery Channel.

As a member of Overseas Pakistani educator’s platform, she works to connect global researchers with Pakistani educators and scholars with the aim to bring a paradigm shift in education at all levels.

As a Naturalist she works to connect people with Nature, she has designed many educational and leadership training programs both for educators and youth leaders. As a member of ‘International Association of Nature Pedagogy’, she believes on Nature based learning in K-12 Classrooms. Her studies are based on the latest scientific research and Neuro-science. She is also an active member at We are wilderness society, USA, and Wild schooling (USA), Forest school (USA), C&NN (USA). Working as a Play Right Advocate, she continues to promote ‘Right to Play’ through Awareness campaigns, Play-based training courses across the globe. She is a member at IPA (International Play Association) and worked on a project called “Play in Crises” in Istanbul.

She is working with a Youth based NGO in Pakistan, working on education, youth development, and Sports related projects. She is the master trainer and the conference planner of ‘Tipping Point’ International conferences, an idea of YSR for the last four years.

She works closely with Pakistan wheel chair Cricket Association to create awareness for the importance of Sports and the inclusion of disable youth population in the mainstream sports and play opportunities in local and global societies.

As a member of HRCP and ISPCAN ( International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect ) , she champions child rights through her Peace- Based Teacher Training Courses that aim to increase conflict resolution and reduce child abuse and neglect in home and school settings for children to help create Future Young Leaders. Her Organization is also a member of ARNEC where they research new ways to connect with Global ECD researchers for idea exchange and share-best practices towards learning through innovation.

She is the member of American Montessori Society – AMS specializing in worldwide advocacy in the Montessori Method of Education as an authentic education system for the 21st Century. She also is a member of the Pakistan Montessori Association – PMA, working within to improve school systems around the country.

Erum is also a follower of (ACEI) USA, which works with the UN for the betterment of Education and Child Rights for Children Worldwide. She also works closely with World Forum Foundation and contributes regularly to their magazine called Explorer. She is a proactive researcher and blogger and writes regularly under her blog “Children learn Best in their Free-Play”. Her research articles are been published in international magazines and Linked in regularly.

Her other contributions include active participation in the US based movie release “Race to nowhere” which identifies the damaging effect of traditional education system on the minds of children. She is also advocates Maker’s movement which stimulates creativity and innovation.

Erum is a contributing in the development of Global Curriculum, an initiative of a UK based Educational NGO where she is writing few chapters on the Science of Observation. She is also a part of an International initiative called “Global Ethics for Educators” in the line of Education diplomacy.

She is nominated as an ‘IF Pakistan Chapter Leader’ by IMAGINATION FOUNDATION and she is keen to attract schools for the Creativity based Project. Any educational institute, community center or Ngo can start this project under her Guidance.

She is also working on the Principles of education and the foundations of learning Environment: pointing flaws in our education system, creating scientific ways of teaching, and developing creativity-based learning environment where learners can follow their interests, and initiate new endeavors, leading them to exploration, discovery and innovation instead of being a prisoner of Grades and Assessment.

Her work has seen international acclaim in Malaysia, Turkey, USA, Thailand and Gulf and is regularly features across print and radio media. Her Vision is to see countries achieve Global Success in the field of Education to create capacity building within the current system and build a path for Teachers and Parents to follow by helping Children achieve Success in Life.

She also worked for International Conference on Disability, youth and sports with a support of Ministry of sports Pakistan, Ministry of Social affairs Thailand, Royal Thai Embassy, Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand), English and Wales Cricket boards and International Wheel chair Association. The goal is to bring awareness on local and regional level in Asia and Europe. She lead a group of 65 participants from Pakistan. Erum is one of the keynote speaker at the International conference in Bangkok (November 2017)}

Educational background: Exploring ‘Leaders of learning at Harvard School of graduate MOOC program. She is also a curious student working with thousands of people at MIT: MOOC program ‘Learning Creative Learning’. She is learning ‘Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence” at Case Western Reserve University, USA. She is also exploring the latest trend in design thinking ‘Human Centered Design’ with IDEO (USA)

*Erum is available for project/contract based work, and is passionate to play her key role. She is still in a learning process in a world where AI are taking over and the human presence has to be intelligently felt.


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