Top-Notch Chinese Manufacturers in the Belt and Road Initiative

China has emerged as a manufacturing powerhouse, leading the world in various sectors such as machinery, textiles, and electronics amongst many others. With its vast industrial capacities and efficiency, China has successfully positioned itself as the primary assembly line of the world. 

Are you a part of the Belt and Road Initiative, hailing from any Eurasian country, and in search of top-notch Chinese manufacturers spanning diverse sectors? Let us introduce you to CPECB, your search ends here. Since our inception in 2015, we have been fostering people-to-people links, hence being adept at steering you towards the most dependable exporters from China, covering numerous industries. 

We believe in a world where businesses across borders can connect, collaborate and complement each other, and we promise to make it happen through CPECB.

China’s diverse industry sectors present unique opportunities for global buyers. Through CPECB, you get direct access to top companies in these industries, making your sourcing process seamless and efficient. Let’s have a closer look at these critical sectors.


Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

China’s pharmaceutical and healthcare sector is a leading producer of global pharmaceutical goods and medical devices. As a trusted CPECB partner, we bring the best of this industry to your service. Whether you’re looking for state-of-the-art medical equipment or safe, effective medications, we’ve got you covered.



China’s automobile industry, being the world’s largest vehicle producer, is well-known for its high-quality production and innovation. With CPECB, you get to be part of this excellence, accessing top-tier automobile manufacturers as your potential partners.


Printing and Packaging

The printing and packaging industry in China is a global leader with its advanced technology and sustainable practices. Through CPECB, you can connect with industry-leading companies to provide you with printing and packaging solutions that align with your vision.



As one of the largest chemical producers in the world, China provides a variety of chemical raw materials and compounds. Our trusted partners in this sector are prepared to accommodate your specific needs, ensuring the safety and quality of the products.


Textile and Garments

China’s textile and garment industry is one of the world’s largest and most important sectors in terms of production and export. By partnering with CPECB, you can source high-quality textiles and fashion-forward garments to boost your business. 

At CPECB, we focus on imparting our knowledge and resources to facilitate your importing needs effectively. Regardless of your industry or the scale of your needs, we strive to provide you with the most reliable solutions for sourcing from China. Join us in this journey where quality meets convenience.

Whether it's for high-profile events like the Oscars, Super Bowl, FIFA, UEFA Champions League, or any other notable occasion, we can facilitate the sourcing of all branding materials from premium manufacturers in China. Our commitment to building strong relationships and the pursuit of excellence is what sets us apart.Trust in our approach for not only quality assurance, but also for timely delivery and post-purchase support. At CPECB, your global sourcing needs are our top priority

China’s Significant Presence in Shipbuilding and Shipbreaking 

If you are part of the Belt and Road Initiative and are seeking for robust capabilities in the shipbuilding and shipbreaking industries, China is the giant in these sectors: 

Shipbuilding: China is recognized as one of the world’s largest shipbuilders. It has a comprehensive and mature shipbuilding industry with the ability to build a vast array of vessels. From cargo ships and container ships to oil tankers, bulk carriers, and even specialized vessels such as LNG carriers and offshore drilling rigs, Chinese shipyards have demonstrated their prowess in offering competitive cost, quality, and technology. These shipbuilders can effortlessly meet global demands across various maritime sectors.

  • Shipbreaking: Similarly, China also holds a significant role in the shipbreaking industry. Specifically, locations such as Alang in Guangdong province are renowned for dismantling and recycling old ships, a practice that recovers valuable materials and equipment. China’s shipbreaking yards are trusted to responsibly recycle large vessels, ensuring that such operations meet global demands for sustainable and eco-friendly ship disposal services.

CPECB: The Vehicle to Your EV Journey 

Since 2015, CPECB has been devoted to fostering people-to-people connections within the Belt and Road Initiative framework. This dedication is reflected in our commitment to ensuring your access to reliable Chinese manufacturers across a variety of sectors. The promising industries we cater to include: 

  1. Manufacturing and Industry: Our network spans across a plethora of manufacturers specializing in different sectors, ensuring we can match your specific sourcing needs.
  2. Electric Vehicle Productions: China is a global front-runner in EV production, and CPECB can connect you with the best in the business.
Import FacilitationGuidance and support to navigate through complex import processes with ease.
Access to PartnersDirect introductions to our trusted Chinese partners in various industry sectors.
JV FacilitationAssistance in the establishment and successful operation of joint ventures with our Chinese partners.

If you are from any country within the Eurasian region or part of the Belt and Road Initiative and are looking for premium companies in various industry sectors within China, then CPECB is your go-to platform.


Machinery Manufacturing in China 

Machinery manufacturing is a substantial and robust industry in China. The country stands as one of the world’s largest producers of machinery and equipment across various sectors. China’s machinery manufacturing capabilities span a broad range of industries and products such as: 

  • Construction Machinery: China manufactures various construction machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, loaders, and concrete equipment. The Chinese construction machinery companies are globally recognized for their competitiveness in pricing.
  • Agricultural Machinery: China produces agricultural equipment like tractors, harvesters, irrigation systems, and agricultural drones, supporting global agricultural needs.
  • Manufacturing Equipment: Chinese manufacturers produce different types of manufacturing equipment, including CNC machines, industrial robots, and machine tools used in precision engineering and manufacturing processes.
  • Mining Equipment: China manufactures mining machinery, including drilling rigs, mining trucks, and mineral processing equipment, supporting the global mining industry.

China's machinery manufacturing industry immensely benefits from economies of scale, competitive pricing, and a robust manufacturing ecosystem. Businesses and industries across the globe frequently source machinery and equipment from China due to its cost-effectiveness and broad product range

At CPECB, we prioritize your needs and aid in navigating these complexities to ensure you experience a smooth sourcing process. We have a growing number of reliable, premium partner companies who are trusted and verified, ready to meet your sourcing requirements. 

How does CPECB work? 

Fundamentally, we work on the basis of Respect, Trust, and Longevity. We aim to build long-lasting business relationships that enrich all Belt and Road countries, not just to facilitate one-off deals. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, here’s how we work: 

  1. Registration: Both buyers and sellers must register their credentials on CPECB. This helps us understand your needs and match you with the right partners.
  2. Verification: We verify the registered businesses to ensure they meet our trust benchmarks.
  3. Matching: CPECB leverages its extensive network to connect buyers with the most suitable sellers, basing on the buyer’s sourcing needs.
  4. Facilitation: We facilitate the transactions between the buyers and our registered sellers, making sure all agreed requirements, price terms, and delivery schedules are followed diligently.
  5. Maintenance: Post-transaction, CPECB continues to maintain and cultivate the business relationship, ensuring it thrives in the long term for mutual benefit.

The CPECB Mutual Respect protocol 

We cover the bridge between business entities with trust and respect, believing in the power of commitment and long-lasting partnerships.

Above all, we value mutual respect between all entities we deal with. Buyers and sellers must abide by the CPECB mutual respect protocol, which underscores our dedication to building a community of trust and collaboration. This approach is pivotal in facilitating successful trade relations and resolutions of any arising issues with integrity and fairness. 

Simplifying your Import Process with CPECB 

Import FacilitationSupporting you navigate through complex import processes seamlessly.
Access to PartnersConnecting you with our trusted Chinese partners across various industry sectors.
JV FacilitationAssisting you establish joint ventures with our Chinese partners successfully.

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