Frequently Ask Questions about China Pakistan Economic Corridor Business

What are the benefits for Chinese Companies on CPECB ?

China Pakistan Economic Corridor Business (CPECB) The second original reason for CPECB beginning is business development. Everyone needs to network. CPECB consists of a cross section of every business community. Its members come from all walks of life. CPECB help each other and collectively help others who are interested in Investing in Pakistan – Join ventures and one network where trade bodies and business community nationwide and internationally can connect directly more easily and treatable under one roof and dedicated to only companies CEO’s/Directors/ Partners and owners only

What is CPECB.COM?

China Pakistan Economic Corridor Business “CPECB.COM” is a business community social networking platform where an only business man can join and interact with each other, build business through a direct relationship, Create company groups and invite targeted buyers and CPEC business opportunities. The door to CPEC business

What are the benefits of CPECB.COM?

The purpose of CPECB is to act as a bridge for China initiated corridor in Pakistan “ China Pakistan Economic Corridor “ CPEC and provide the platform for the businessman to build relations and networking under one roof. With all resources, a businessman needs in invest and establish in Pakistan and enhance networking within members. CPECB is Premium and highly reputable businessman network of CPEC and Belt and Road Projects.

What are the benefits for exporters?

CPECB.COM is 100% business man network where we are not limit to one country but multiple countries network with trade development authorities where they share buying inquiry with us and our members and we also share with our members and we have number of members who are running buying house and working specifically acting on buying behalf which is good source to get connected and establish direct dealing and establish direct connections

What are the benefits for importers?

CPECB.COM allow its members to post their requirement real time and intact with other business owners who are manufacturing and exporting directly. It help you to get connected to direct source in no time . Additionally we are linked with multiple associations in different countries and trade department of government to facilitate our members through their problems by giving them priority. CPECB.COM is only platform which give you sound grounds to move forwards.

How to get investors from CPECB.COM

Investors are also business man who act like trader and want to ensure to whom they offering their product will get benefit from it and their product will not get loss. CPECB.COM is only business community network if you have good opportunity you can post your opportunity through your status and it will publish to all members and you can get introduce or we have smart search which you can search related members who are interested in investment you can send them proposal directly through direct message .

Is CPECB Government or Private network ?

CPECB is private businessman network

Do China Pakistan Economic Corridor Business involve in any Real Estate Projects

No, we are not involved in any dealing with real-estate nor with any business dealing either or commission or Raw Deal. We only facilitate our members in building business relations and networking only. If you ever received email call or email using our name as China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Business / CPECB.COM please let us know immediately as we never offer directly except any advertisement or any member post which you deal or talk to them directly.

What is the guarantee that CPECB.COM members are authentic?

In order to register at CPECB.COM you need to be member of association, your business linked with, or chamber of commerce or any other association which are recognized by your country government along with your company registration certificate and member national id card. CPECB.COM Verification team will verify your information through our internal process and give your decision of approval or decline. However we take no guarantee of any member but we are trying our best to get filtered members only.

How many member’s registered on CPECB till now ?

We are growing every minute and have handsome number of registered members . We don’t share any information of our members in any case until you registered with us , due to business community security, If you are businessman and Owner/CEO/Director  &  Partner of company , you will understand  , However if you give us reference of our existing member , we can share basic information of our portal through email . Please write us at

Is CPECB connected to any network ?

Yes, CPECB is connected to multiple trade bodies of Pakistan and other international trade bodies and associations to facilitate our members directly and we are enhancing every day .

How secure my information is on CPECB.COM

CPECB.COM is not public network and only verified members can view your profile and we do not share any information with any one.

Can I add my profile picture other than mine?

No, you need to add your personal profile picture in your profile picture. Adding other than your profile picture will disable your account until you update.

Why I need to add my profile picture?

CPECB.COM is not public network but Private Business Community network where your profile picture describe your identity and help you grow your social network.

What status I will get ones my account is verified and paid?

It depend but normally ones your account is verified and all formalities is complete your profile will show with status of verified member. Only high profiles member will have different status and it depend on their profiles

Is there any refund /Membership Cancel Policy?

No, CPECB.COM will not refund any subscription fees but you can cancel your subscription at anytime by canceling your account though member area.


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