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It was honor to visit the expo on 29th Jan 2018 where CPECB Members take deep part and play handsome role in the EXPO  . Where @kingdom, @imranghani, @maqboolafridi, @tariqgul,@obaid,@aliziastudio,@hotnspicy,@gr-siddiqui, @chinaoverseasportsholdingcompanypakistan, @masshrs and  @hamzabintariq visited from CPECB members . It was a great opportunity which has taken initiative over CPEC by having mega event in Gwadar .


cpecb member imran ghani at pc gawadar visiting gawadar expocpecb official memberscpecb member at gawadar visiting gawadar expocpecb member col rtd maqbool afridicpecb members visiting gwadar expo at gawadar topcpecb member muhammad umair with sharif bloch at gwadarcpecb member umair with muhammad ali zia at gwadar expocpecb member umair sharif blaoch at gwadar expocpecb member ali zia with muhammad sharif blochcpecb member tariq gul on pc gwadarceo cpecb having standee in gwadar expo apply for cpecb membershipcpecb member having stall in gawadar expocpecb member mariam chaudhary with ceo cpecbcpecb member having its stall in gwadar expogwadar expo the exhibitorsgawadar expo real picturecpecb member at gwadar expocpecb members on gawadar expocpecb members visiting gawadar expocol maqbool afridi at gwadar expocpecb member col maqbool afridi with ceo cpecb sami vohrawhatsapp image 2018 01 30 at 7 05 28 pmcpecb ceo sami vohra at gwadar expocpecb member col maqbool afridi at gwadar expocpecb member obaidullah sharif at gawadar expocpecb member ali zia at gwadar expocpecb members visiting gwadar expo

The main Role played by Pakistan Army by taken all measures to ensure the event goes success and I must say they were very nice by facilitating all visitors who had visited the expo . If Pakistan Army was not there , it is not possible to have such event goes successful . We are honor and glad to be Pakistani and special thanks to Pakistan army who has facilitated CPECB members and other visitors to their best . It was a start where not only Pakistani business community but international business community will take part


Additionally CPECB Member @tariqgul Director of Pak Afghan Cargo  has made contract with COPHC and buy land in Gwadar Free Zone –  He is one of the businessman who received this opportunity in Expo with the help of CPECB Network . We wish him a very fruitful benefit in investment in Gwadar Free Zone .


cophc contract signgwadar expo contract sign

CPECB Member Tariq Gul – Signing Contract with China Overseas Port Holding Company on Gwadar Expo – He is one businessman who had Contract with COPHC


One of our Member Mass Human Resources  and chairperson of OPAL Had its Stall in Expo – @masshrs and  @noorafsha where they are only one who has share culture of Baluchistan as local and share dresses and other handicraft products in Gwadar 1st Expo .

cpecb member having stall in gawadar expo cpecb member mariam chaudhary with ceo cpecb

We as CPECB growing rapidly with only genuine businessman and facilitating our member through right channel and track they need .  We wish all our members a very fruitful ventures .

@hamzabintariq  Hamza Bin Tariq had a detail discussion of the Expo with Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi , Prof Ahsan Iqbal , Military Officials and other govt officials. He emphasized that Pakistani businessmen should be given the opportunity to link up with prospective Chinese companies to enhance trade between them rather than the focus be on Chinese companies only.


cpecb member hamza bin tariq with pmcpecb member hamza bin tariq with cm baluchistanWhatsApp Image 2018 02 02 at 4.26.11 PM 1gwadar expo cpecb member with officialsgawadar business centrecpecb member hamza bin tariq on gwadar expo