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Interpreters and translators can apply for CPECB

As the premier CPEC Businessman Social Network, CPECB is now supporting Interpreter Services through Interpreter. Our members include state authorities, company CEOs, directors, partners, and owners, and they are always looking for interpretation and translation services.

CPECB is a highly respected businessman social networking platform, and it has been enabling CPEC and BRI projects for the past eight years. It does this by introducing and connecting directly with one another, as well as by providing essential and most required sources.

We would like to bring you closer to those businessmen who are looking for valuable skills to fill the communication gap because the corridor consists of globalisation and lots of businessmen are facing complications due to interpretation or translation. As the corridor consists of globalisation, we would like to bring you closer to those businessmen.


CPECB Introduce a new economical and support membership subscription just for interpreters, so that they can showcase their skills and detailed profiles within the CPECB network. This will allow businesspeople to hire you based on the requirements they have, and it will also give you extreme exposure and the chance to work with valuable companies.


Interpreters and translators are eligible to apply for CPECB membership, which costs only $4.17 per month with an annual subscription and can be done so here. This is a chance to get introduced, and the pricing will only be available for a limited time as a supportive price for Interpreters.


You can submit an application for a subscription to Interpreters on our website at


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