Invitation for Chemical Market Group

Chemicals Importers, Traders Manufacturers, services, Chemist, Chemicals scientist providers are stuck in linking with reliable suppliers of raw material and hunting for updated stocks, resources like Chemist or chemical scientist and publishing their queries in WhatsApp groups or their limited circle which make them limited. Not everyone has links in every city in Pakistan and other countries and with every one .  CPECB introduce a dedicated Chemical Market group that help Importers, Traders, Manufacturers to link with each other and share the real-time update of their company leads either for selling, buying, or sourcing most importantly every member of the chemical market has a detailed profile where he doesn’t need to introduce every time. CPECB is a well-established marketplace platform where you can get orders from industries with the quality directory. Its wider, reliable, and most importantly well established. If you are an existing member of CPECB you can join the Chemical Market group or if you have not yet joined CPECB you can join in no time as we all need to work together with reliable companies and people.

WHY CPECB Chemical Market Group

Member Profile

  • No need to introduce all the time. Every Member has a detailed profile and company introduction. Send public or Private message 

Target Audiance

Connect with relevant sector businessman and professionals which are not easy to connect publicly  


Get leads for your stock, suppliers, buyers, and other resources under one roof


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