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Founded in 1997 with the underlying philosophy of leaving no stone unturned in serving our clients, KPA CONSULTING has grown into a mid-sized, multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy firm having qualified professionals who carry with them total commitment to client satisfaction, regardless of the project magnitude.

Our projects are spread throughout Pakistan. We carry experience of working with architectural, engineering, project management and execution firms from the USA, UK and the Middle East. We have also provided services on projects in Central Asia, Middle East and Africa.

We are unparalleled in the diversity of our projects, in terms of both scope and magnitude. We’ve provided services on national level grid-stations, infrastructure development, wind farms, Tier-4 data centers, critical healthcare facilities, university campuses, TV and radio stations, industrial units, etc.

We serve some of the biggest multinational and local names operating in a wide variety of markets. That said, small businesses, institutions and industrial units are also a large part of our client profile. Two of our core business values are quality of service and client satisfaction. This leads to the development of deep trust between KPA Consulting and our clients. Consequently, a vast majority of our client are either retained or referred.


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