Maximizing Efficiency with Power Cables from CPECB.COM’s Trusted Partner

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Maximizing Efficiency with Power Cables from CPECB.COM's Trusted Partner

Building and electrical engineers working on Belt and Road projects, take notice! Power Cables (Pvt) Ltd, a CPECB member, is your solution for high-quality, low voltage cables, general wires and conductors. As a manufacturer of these products, they use only the best raw materials, 99.9% pure copper and aluminum, to ensure their cables and wires are top-notch.


Located in the Lasbella Industrial Estate Development Authority (LIEDA) in Hub Baluchistan, Power Cables (Pvt) Ltd has a 5000 square meter factory equipped with the latest machines and quality control equipment to guarantee the production of top-notch products. They also have a highly qualified team of professionals and a commitment to quality control.


By utilizing the expertise and resources of Power Cables (Pvt) Ltd, you can be confident that your Belt and Road project will receive the best possible products. The company is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of its customers, so you can trust that you’ll receive the exact products you require.


But why choose Power Cables (Pvt) Ltd over other cable manufacturers? As a CPECB member, you can be assured that they have undergone strict vetting and hold themselves to the highest standards. Furthermore, by working with a CPECB member, you can take advantage of the organization’s ability to negotiate competitive prices.

So why wait? Get the best quotes for your Belt and Road project by contacting Power Cables (Pvt) Ltd at CPECB is here to help you connect with reliable, high-quality companies like Power Cables (Pvt) Ltd, so you can focus on the success of your project. Trust CPECB and Power Cables (Pvt) Ltd to take your Belt and Road project to the next level.


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