Mr. Xi valuable meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Shabaz Empower

Mr. Xi met with Pakistani Prime Minister Shabaz China

President Xi Jinping met with Pakistani Prime Minister Shabaz on a formal visit to China in the Great Hall of the People on the morning of November 2, CCTV News reported.

Mr. Xi noted that you would welcome your visit to China and thank you for your first time to congratulate the Communist Party of China on convening the twentieth National Congress. China and Pakistan are good friends, good friends and good brothers. In recent years, the two countries have supported each other in the world’s turmoil, marching forward, showing China and Pakistan’s “iron pole” friendship. China has always viewed Sino-Palestinian relations from a strategic and long-term perspective, has always placed Pakistan in the priority direction of neighboring diplomacy.



Mr. Xi stressed that China appreciated the Pakistan side’s firm progress in friendly cooperation with China, thanked the Pakistan side for supporting China on issues involving China’s core and major concerns, would firmly support the Palestinian side in safeguarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, developing interests and national dignity, and firmly support Pakistan for its stability, unity and development and prosperity. China expresses its deep sympathy for the devastating floods of the people of Pakistan, which will provide additional emergency assistance to help Pakistan rebuild after the disaster, support the recovery of post-disaster agricultural production, strengthen cooperation in disaster prevention and mitigation and combating climate change.



Mr. Xi introduced the important results of the twentieth National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Mr. Xi said China would continue to adhere to the basic state policy of opening up to the outside world and provide new opportunities for new developments in China to all countries, including Pakistan. China is ready to deepen its development strategy docking with Pakistan. The two sides should use the mechanism of the Joint Cooperation Committee of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to promote the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor more efficiently and make it a demonstration project for high-quality development along the Belt and Road. We should accelerate the construction of supporting infrastructure in the port of Gwadar and give full play to the radiation-driven role of the port in the development of regional connectivity. The two sides should work together to create conditions for the early implementation of the first railway main line upgrade and transformation project and the Karachi Ring City railway project. China welcomes Pakistan’s expansion of high-quality agricultural products to China, is ready to expand new energy cooperation with Pakistan in the digital economy, e-commerce and photovoltaics, vigorously promote cooperation in agriculture, science and technology and people’s livelihood, and will continue to provide within its means of stabilizing the financial situation. China supports China’s industrial power province and Pakistan in their confrontations to promote industrial cooperation, and hopes that the Pakistan side will provide a good business environment. I am highly concerned about the security of the Chinese in Pakistan and hope that the Pakistani side will provide a reliable and safe environment for Chinese institutions and personnel cooperating in Pakistan.



Mr. Xi points out that the world’s changes, the changes of the times and the changes of history are unfolding in an unprecedented way. In the face of a highly uncertain world, the two sides should stand on the right side of history, maintain high levels of cooperation in international multilateral mechanisms, cooperate closely with major international regional issues, safeguard genuine multilateralism, safeguard international equity and justice, safeguard the common interests of developing countries and provide certainty and positive energy for the world. China is ready to work with the Palestinian side to promote the implementation of the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative, promote the development of the global economic governance system in a more just, reasonable and inclusive and win-win direction, build a community of human destiny, provide strong guarantees for the development of the two countries and make more contributions to world peace and stability and common prosperity.



government and people for their valuable assistance in combating the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and for their generous assistance following the devastating flood in Barba. No country, like China, has helped developing countries such as Pakistan in good faith. The Pakistan side firmly adheres to a one-China policy and firmly supports China’s position on core interests such as Taiwan, Tibet-related and Hong Kong-related. It is hoped that it will learn from China’s successful experience in governance and governance and adhere to self-reliance, while deepening cooperation with China in all fields, thus better realizing its own development. The construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has had a profound impact on the economic and social development of Pakistan. The Pakistan side is ready to work with China to continue to promote high-quality construction of the Belt and Road. The Palestinian side will further strengthen security measures to fully protect the safety of institutions and personnel in Pakistan. The Pakistan side fully supports President Xi Jinping’s global development initiative and global security initiatives and is ready to strengthen communication and collaboration with China in international regional affairs and make a positive contribution to maintaining world peace and development. The Palestinian-China friendship is indestructible and the Pakistani side will always stand firmly with China.



After the talks, Mr. Xi is at the people’s levelThe Golden Hall of the Hall held a welcoming party for Shabaz.



Wang Yi, a member of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee, a member of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee and a member of the National Development and Reform Commission.


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