Pakistan Day: Celebrating Independence and the Strong China-Pakistan Friendship

Pakistan Day is annually observed on March 23 to commemorate the 1940 approval of the Lahore Resolution. This historic legislation cleared the ground for the establishment of Pakistan, which became the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on March 23, 1956.


Pakistan has made great strides in numerous disciplines, including science, technology, sports, and the arts, since its founding. Significant contributions have been made by Pakistani scientists in subjects such as nuclear physics, mathematics, and astrophysics. Many international events have been won by the Pakistani cricket team, including the ICC World Cup and the Champions Trophy. Music and writing from Pakistan have also received international attention and appreciation.


Pakistan is a significant member of the world community, and its strategic location makes it an indispensable link between South Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons and is a member of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.


Pakistan has a rich cultural history and a populace that embraces a variety of traditions and beliefs. The country is renowned for its friendliness and generosity, and visitors are always welcome to explore its natural beauty and rich history.


Pakistan and China have a solid relationship built on mutual respect, cooperation, and trust. China was one of the first nations to acknowledge Pakistan’s sovereignty and has since been an ardent supporter of Pakistan’s growth. Their friendship has led to various cooperative endeavours, including infrastructure projects and scientific and technological cooperation. The CPECB platform is a crucial step towards realising the full potential of the Belt and Road Initiative and increasing economic relations between Pakistan and China through digitally bridging a new era of Pak-China friendship.


Pakistan Day is a day of national pride and solidarity, commemorating the country’s accomplishments and its rich cultural legacy. Pakistan is a vital part of the international community and plays a vital role in linking the world’s regions. The friendship between Pakistan and China exemplifies the power of cooperation and mutual regard, and we look forward to expanding this partnership in the future.


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