Reopening the Khunjerab Pass: Unlocking Economic Growth Between Pakistan and China

Khunjerab Pass

The Khunjerab Pass, a major trade route between Paki­stan and China, was opened after a closure of almost three years in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic

The pass that connects Gilgit-Baltistan with Chi­na’s Xinjiang Uyghur au­tonomous region was closed in the year 2020 af­ter the spread of Covid-19 outbreak. According to of­ficial sources, the Chinese authorities have shared a letter with Pakistani offi­cials regarding the reopen­ing of the pass for the trade. 


The port authorities on the Chinese side of Khu­njerab Pass have been in­structed to take all neces­sary measures regarding Covid-19 before the start of the arrival of goods from Pakistan. Similarly, Pakistani border author­ities have also been in­structed to take all mea­sures regarding Covid-19, ensuring the containment of the disease. It may be mentioned here that as re­sult of cold weather and lack of oxygen in the high altitude, Khunjerab Pass generally opens from April 1 to November 30 every year, and remains closed from December 1 to March 31 of the following year. But to ensure the smooth customs clearance of Paki­stan’s urgently needed and other supplies, the port was temporarily opened twice early this year. 

The most significant benefits of the Khunjerab Pass is that it can increase both countries’ trade volume and revenue. The pass provides a direct and efficient route for transporting goods between the two countries, which can stimulate trade.

This can help to diversify Pakistan’s export  while giving Chinese businesses access to a new market. In addition to increasing trade volume, the development of the Khunjerab Pass has the potential to generate new employment opportunities in both Pakistan and China. The pass can be transformed into a modern transportation hub, thereby creating new jobs in the logistics and transportation industries. This includes trucking, shipping, and air cargo services. In addition to boosting economic growth and creating new employment opportunities, the development of the pass can also attract foreign investment to both countries.

Trade and commerce, logistics and transportation, manufacturing and industry, and tourism are among the industries that stand to gain the most from the opening of the Khunjerab Pass. The pass can facilitate the growth of manufacturing and industrial sectors in both countries, as well as the export of goods and the establishment of new businesses and industries.

Passengers can now use the pass to cross the border and explore new areas, thereby promoting tourism in both Pakistan and China. The Khunjerab Pass is advantageous for all Pakistani provinces, including Northern Areas, Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan. The pass can provide a new route for trade and commerce with China, which can support infrastructure development, generate new employment opportunities, and stimulate economic activity throughout the nation.

In addition, the opening of the Khunjerab Pass can help Pakistan address its current economic challenges. . This can increase Pakistan’s export earnings and provide access to new markets.

The re-opening of the Khunjerab Pass as a modern transport hub can generate new employment opportunities, thereby reducing unemployment and boosting economic activity. In addition to attracting foreign investment to Pakistan, the pass can promote economic growth and development. The opening of the Khunjerab Pass could have substantial economic benefits for Pakistan and China.

The pass can increase trade volume and revenue, generate new employment opportunities, and promote the growth of multiple industries, including trade and commerce, logistics and transportation, manufacturing and industry, and tourism. The pass can benefit all Pakistani provinces and contribute to economic growth and development in both nations. In addition, the opening of the pass can assist in addressing Pakistan’s current economic challenges and support the economic recovery of Pakistan.


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