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At CPECB, we provide a comprehensive suite of BRI trade facilitation services, including business matchmaking, market research, logistics, legal support, and financial solutions. Our team is dedicated to helping businesses across the region streamline cross-border trade. Plus, with our convenient chat option, you can connect with our team directly to receive the support you need

Joint Venture

Companies seek reputable and recognized partners in China,  Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab, and KPK to invest or collaborate with. We are the most essential and valuable bridge between China, Pakistan, and 149 other countries, connecting enterprises and establishing lucrative ventures in practically every field, especially Industrialization, Automobile,  Textile, Medical and Health, Agriculture, Logistics, Shipping lines, Construction, Chemicals IT Companies, Education, and others. We ensure both countries’ relations are solid and that BRI companies deal with trusted companies to retain their country’s reputation.


Gwadar Free Zone.

Comprehensive assistance in establishing a firm in the Gwadar Free Zone, including assistance in getting your business’s ideas approved. The strategic location of Gwadar Port and the Gwadar Free Zone has made it a major maritime commerce hub for Pakistan and the entire area, including the landlocked Central Asian Region (CAR). CPECB  is one of the few in Gwadar Free Zone with experience in the bridge to facilitate industry.

Gwadar Port CPECB

Shipping Services to BRI Countries

As part of China’s “Belt and Road” initiative, shipping routes from Asia to Europe present new prospects for intermodal shipping. A time-based cost function was devised,  CPECB Express with smart modes. We’ve partnered as our members with trustworthy shipping companies to simplify trade from China to Europe. Our network covers the full route.

Specialized Shipping Guaranteed Empower time solutions of goods

BRI & CPEC Logistics Services

The most important resource is logistics from Kashgar to Gwadar, via central Asia, and to Europe. Working in CPEC and Belt and Road and visiting the entire route, we understand the complications and challenges required to fulfill, and not every logistics company can. In the past 8 years, valuable logistics companies that have joined CPECB are verified and tested to face any challenge and move ground cargo to make Belt and Road a reality. We want to be the most essential logistic bridge partner to help solve this problem.


BRI & CPEC Events, Conferences and Exhibitions

We at CPECB are committed to bringing together Belt and Road and CPEC stakeholders through a variety of online and in-person events, conferences, and exhibitions in order to foster personal introductions, strengthen relationships, and promote trade between countries.

CPECB is a Businessman Club Platform that offers Networking Platform and Bridging Services for 149 nations for Belt and Road and China Pakistan Economic Corridor initiatives.

Security Services

As a company, CPECB places a premium on security, which is why we provide our clients only the most competent professionals, make intensive use of business intelligence resources, and welcome cutting-edge innovations. We help both international and domestic businesses find the most appropriate security specialists for their projects, regardless of whether they are large corporations or sole proprietors. Since we appreciate your worries on those fronts, we promise that no one else will facilitate as we do.

Askari Guards CPECB verified security company
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Information Technology

As the most valuable channel to connect with solutions you are looking for in any sector, we have obtained major IT companies who are specialized in each sector, including AI, Google, Baidu, Microsoft, Yandex, Software development, Web development, SEO, and System Building for almost every sector, from small to large enterprise. Resolutions backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee


CPECB IT Companies Network

Streamlining Business Setup in Pakistan

Embarking on the journey of establishing a business in a foreign country can be a complex and daunting task. CPECB (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Business) understands the challenges faced by companies seeking to set up operations in Pakistan and offers comprehensive services to simplify the process. From company formation and registration to navigating legal compliance, CPECB serves as a reliable partner in guiding businesses through every step of the way. Our experienced consultants provide personalized assistance, helping clients choose the right legal structure, facilitating seamless paperwork, and offering in-house services to meet diverse business needs. With a commitment to professionalism and a focus on hassle-free solutions, CPECB is dedicated to ensuring that businesses, whether small startups or large enterprises, establish their presence in Pakistan efficiently and in accordance with local regulations. Trust CPECB for a smooth and well-supported entry into the vibrant Pakistani market.

Procurement services for CPEC and BRI Projects

Material procurement involves researching, selecting, buying, and building supplies for our clients. Procurement services involve identifying and selecting vendors or suppliers, negotiating prices and terms, and awarding contracts. As CPECB, we have gathered valuable manufacturers, suppliers, and authorized dealers where we procure raw materials for you in less time with the best quality and deliver on time as per your most negotiable terms. On which state-owned and private businesses rely

CPECB Digital PRClub

Put your company’s information into the most prominent and prestigious directory in order to find a partner in international trade.

Real-time corporate bridging
for Pak China Friendship since 2015

CPECB is a trusted institution among both Chinese and Pakistani businesses in Pakistan, having been instrumental in their respective pursuits of new partners and the expansion of their respective local markets. A total of 149 countries along the Belt and Road are included in CPECB’s coverage. In the business world, success is guaranteed via networking and word of mouth alone.But now, with just one click, you may get in touch with our legit businesses.

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