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Verified Companies Directory

Verified Companies Directory is a resource provided by China Pakistan Economic Corridor Business, in which members can look for potential business partners for their own endeavours. In addition to this, we provide premium support to search for partners in Pakistan who meet a certain bespoke demand.

Most filtered directory of companies

Find potential business partners in Pakistan and China and gather information about each of those potential partners’ companies. Determine whether or not a product or service is likely to be commercially successful in Pakistan.

The only platform that provides a premium database of qualified enterprises for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the Belt and Road Initiative.

CPECB Filtered Companies Directory

Since the beginning of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which began eight years ago, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor Business Directory has been screening businesses. We have a success rate, and we have put in a lot of effort to build our company’s reputation; both of these things are listed in the CPECB directory, and they are well known among international businesspeople who are seeking for a partner in Pakistan. Our Directory demonstrates that the firm is lawfully registered in Pakistan, that it has been in operation for more than five years, and that it has solid credibility in terms of its pledges and the success it is making in its respective fields.

Start of January 2023, you will be charged an $1000 per year, in addition to a bridging fee upto 5%.