Re-Start Business in Lock-down

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The pandemic has hit seriously in global economy specially in Pakistan , where business is paused due to lockdown and small business and corporate business has stopped doing business due to COVID-19  and businessman are worried how to operate their business in this lock-down .

CPECB has  build solution which is a light in this covid-19 darkness for companies to continue their business through E-world as it will help seller to display their products or services they have in hand and companies who willing to buy can explore the market and easily place order which will help companies to move fruitfully in this pandemic .

CPECB has introduce marketplace where companies can have their E-shop with all e-commerce features and inquiry feature which allow them to reach hundreds of companies purchase department in one click , as CPECB is facilitating as platform for companies owners and state officials to establish business and have sound reputation in business industry .

CPECB marketplace help importers, exporters, manufactures, distributers , of raw material and supplies to have their e-shop in very good price and on subscription basis and charge normal commission fess on order basis.

CPECB market place linked with major search engine where product publish on CPECB will publish on Google, Yahoo and Bing and easily shared over all social media which will easy to reach buyers instant .

As this is the best time to initiate to work on your E-shop and start getting business in this lock down

Apply for Vendor account :

Get your E-shop which sales in this time .

For more information you can contact CPECB via e-mail at info@CPECB.COM

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Written by CPECB
China Pakistan Economic Corridor Business (CPECB) The original reason for CPECB beginning is business development. Everyone needs to network. CPECB consists of a cross section of every business community. Its members come from all walks of life. CPECB help each other and collectively help others who are interested in Investing in Pakistan – Join ventures and connect with business community where trade bodies and business community nationwide and internationally can connect directly more easily and trust-able under one roof and dedicated to only companies CEO’s/Directors/ Partners and owners can become member of CPECB
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