NLC, Daimler AG sign MOU for local production of Mercedes Benz Trucks

National Logistics Cell (NLC) has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Daimler AG for local production of world renowned Mercedes-Benz trucks by NLC in Pakistan. Local assembly of Mercedes-Benz trucks by NLC will mark a major shift in the domestic logistics and transportation industry towards European manufacturers who offer technologically advanced products that combine superior performance, environment friendliness, reliability and road safety.

DG NLC Major General Mushtaq Faisal, CEO Pak NLC Motors Zia Ahmed and Head of Executive Committee Klaus Fischinger and Head of Sales Dr Ralf Forcher signed the documents on behalf of their respective organizations.

Speaking on the occasion, Major General Faisal termed the MOU as an historic moment for Pakistan’s commercial vehicle industry. He said that local assembly of Mercedes- Benz trucks by NLC would prove a strategic opportunity to leverage the modernization of Pakistan’s logistics industry which would benefit tremendously from having a state-of-the-art assembly plant in Pakistan being setup by NLC. Because of the incentives given in Auto Development Policy 2016-21, local assembled Mercedes- Benz trucks would be offered on competitive prices.

DG NLC said that local assembly of Mercedes-Benz trucks will ensure a healthy competition in the trucking industry of the country and meet the logistics requirements of CPEC. He added that it will bring qualitative change in local vendor industry and will provide opportunities for new jobs.

Dr. Ralf Forcher, Member of Executive Committee and Head of Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks said “Pakistan’s infrastructure and construction sectors have registered significant growth in recent years having a direct effect on the logistics industry as it gives rise to an increased demand for commercial vehicles.

By commencing local assembly operations of Mercedes-Benz trucks in Pakistan, NLC will be able to cater for this demand more efficiently and respond to market trends quickly”. It is pertinent to mention that strong growth in Pakistan’s GDP has contributed towards a significant boost in rising demand for commercial vehicles.

In addition, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project is also playing an important role in raising demand in this sector.

Modern transportation networks built under CPEC will link seaports in Gwadar and Karachi with northern Pakistan, as well as points further north in China and Central Asia.
Director and General Manager Shahnawaz Ltd Naseem Shaikh and Ahmed Naeem of Shahnawaz Ltd were also present at signing ceremony, The Shahnawaz Ltd is the Authorized Distributor of Daimler AG in Pakistan, who have been instrumental and played a key role in bringing together the two partners for this project of national importance.

NLC plans setting up international standard rest areas on CPEC route

RAWALPINDI: In view of anticipated rise in volume of heavy vehicular traffic in wake of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), National Logistics Cell (NLC) has planned to establish rest areas of international standard astride national highways and CPEC routes with integrated facilities for commuters in general and truckers in particular.

According to an NLC statement, the initiative has been undertaken by NLC in line with recommendations of National Trucking Policy which provides for setting up multipurpose parking and resting facilities for drivers at major locations astride National Highways. The Project has been named as NLC Drivers Emergency and Rest Areas (DERA).

Under the phase one of DERA project, 8 Rest Areas will be set up at various locations on N – 5 from Gujranwala to Karachi which will be subsequently increased and extended to other highways including CPEC routes. NLC along with reputed oil marketing companies, food chains and other service providers will develop best possible facilities for local and international commuters, the statement said.

The facilities include fuel stations, eateries, warehouses, mart, workshops, ambulance and first aid station, round the clock repair and recovery of light and heavy vehicles, mosque, vehicle wash, service area, hotel, guest rooms, telephone, internet, video surveillance and many other facilities.

The concept of DERA is a major step towards ensuring high standard of safety by attending to the drivers fatigue caused by long haul journey, help regulate traffic density in major cities and reduce accidents caused by disorganized parking on main highways.

Trucks queuing up haphazardly at workshops and hotels are a common sight on major highways that not only hampers flow of traffic but also pose hazards to rest of commuters. Likewise, in event of breakdown, there is no proper system of timely repair and recovery system. DERA will serve as one stop shop for small and large fleet operators alike.

Under the proposed plan, rest areas will be established at Gakhar, Lahore, Sahiwal, Pirowal, Khan Bela, Chowk Mari, Bhirya and Karachi Northern Bypass. The number of stations will be gradually increased with operationalisation of CPEC.

NLC is the most reputed fleet operator of the country having elaborate infrastructure on N-5 and vast experience of successful operation of Trans Freight Stations.