The Steel Mill Engineering Zone Join CPECB

Engineering Zone Partner Tariq Idrees join China Pakistan Economic Corridor Businessman network , They are specializes in pipes, wires and several steels products. EZ is growing at an expeditious rate to grapple with the increasing challenges of the competitive industry. With our strategic management and with the endless steady efforts of our employees, our company is among the leading manufacturers of high quality products. We use the latest technologies, to meet our goal which is to produce qualitative products like no other that satisfy and meet the needs of our clients.

From our company’s wide perspective, we are dedicated in developing a service orientated culture that is consistent and determined. Our aim is to make and deliver the best, in order to gain trust and respect in the industry.

Engineering Zone is an efficient production unit, which works hard and has the capability to meet the alternating requirements of a customer regarding our range of products. During our production process we pay great attention to the quality level of the products we manufacture. We use the latest technolo-gy in order to maintain a strong and sound quality of our pipes and wires.

As CPEC is has moved in 2nd face of industrialization Steel is the raw material needed to build and CPECB member Engineering Zone is verified and holding high reputation in offering best quality and prices to CPECB Members and other builders, contractors who are looking for reliable source .

For requirement and query you can connect with Engineering Zone under member section or for non members can reach us through call or at