CPECB Digital Club
Since 2015

As people-to-people interaction is the most crucial feature of flagship projects, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Business (CPECB) established the first ever digital club in 2015. This club was created in 2015 for the purpose of connecting business owners and state authorities. The China-Pakistan Economic and Commercial Business (CPECB) is now the most important and only people-to-people networking club in the country. Here, businessmen and officials can create relationships and interact with firms that are operating on the ground.

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Club Benefits

Friend Connections over CPEC/BRI

The CPECB links Pakistanis, Chinese, and the other 149 nationals through the capacity to send, accept, and delete friendships.

Private Messages

Each user has the option of initiating and responding to public or private messages, allowing for both public and private discussions.

Members Directories

Members, groups, and events can all be easily located thanks to CPECB’s comprehensive online directories for CPEC and BRI

Membership Certificate​

Certified membership with CPECB offers exclusive benefits to Digital PR Club members, including access to a trusted network of industry leaders and resources for strategic business growth

Showcasing your profile to Chinese and International Partners​

CPECB showcases your company’s expertise and capabilities for doing business with Chinese companies and other BRI countries as introduction. This profile is translated into multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Urdu, Arabic, and Russian, to facilitate communication and collaboration with potential Chinese partners and partner companies in their languages which show your company cradibility  

Secure Collaboration: Doing Business Safely in a High-Risk World

CPECB gives you access to a secure digital portal that allows you to collaborate with valuable companies, despite challenges in connecting due to security concerns. Our secure collaboration solutions enable you to confidently do business in a safe and protected environment

The only digital club for networking among China–Pakistan Economic Corridor's and Belt and Road Initative corporate elite.

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