The CPECB : Boosting Pakistan’s Blue Economy Connectivity

Pakistan is on the path to become a leader in the blue economy with its abundant coastline, rich natural resources, and a focus on sustainable ocean-based economic activities. The government has made significant strides in recent years, including establishing the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency, developing the Gwadar Port, and creating a National Policy for the Development of the Blue Economy.

The Pakistan Navy plays an integral role in ensuring the security of territorial waters, preserving the marine environment, and supporting the growth of the blue economy. The ports in Pakistan are essential for trade and commerce, providing services such as cargo handling and ship repair. These ports will play a crucial role in enabling the full potential of the blue economy.

The first day of the Pakistan International Maritime Expo & Conference (PIMEC) in Karachi was a great success, with participation from global delegations, showcasing the growing interest in the country’s blue economy.

The (CPECB) platform is also playing a vital role, providing shipping and logistics services and connecting Pakistan to the global trade network of companies as bridge  over CPEC and BRI vision.


The blue economy holds great potential for Pakistan, and its ports, navy, and private sector platform like CPECB will play crucial roles in realizing this potential. By working together, the government, private sector, and local communities can create a thriving, sustainable, and inclusive blue economy that will benefit the country for generations to come


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