Marian Chaudhry who born in a known location in Gwadar which is in Baluchistan- Pakistan.She is CEO of Mass Human Resources  and actively Organizer of the major event of the business community in Pakistan .

She is a Management consultant and known Entrepreneur for different Social, Research oriented and Handicraft Projects. she is always ready to take hard and soft issues for justice without any fear.She took serious steps on many issues of poverty and Leadership.Her business is to get people recruit in different organizations similar if she is not doing business She is doing it as social work which she does by back hand as it say help others and doesn’t show-off. She is running research oriented Organization and all the year her research on public limited listed companies with different stock exchanges and SECP. she working online trades and manage different handicraft projects especially within Pakistan. Areas like Baluchistan and its Products like Dastager are popular in Sales.She is the only lady who spliced fiber between Karachi to Hub and managed Networks practically in organizations. She has arranged lots of Job Fairs in different Universities and Hotels as Social Activist without Financial Benefits.


She is  serving Business Community as Business leader among different cities from The Federation Of Pakistan Chambers Of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI)

She is a daughter of Gwadar, Baluchistan and makes proud the entire nation through her activities.

She is the Only women entrepreneur who do work on public limited listed Trade in Pakistan and rates them accordingly. Successfully organized three corporate leadership awards per year. Successfully organized  three corporate leadership awards per year  Recruit Hundreds of unemployed in different sector Organized Skill based workshops and train for trainer programs  Online Dastagar Projects through Olx and Alibaba Websites  First Network Engineer who spliced fiber from Karachi to Hub  Youngest Female Project Manager for Punjab Government in “Provision of ISP and Bandwidth” Provide more than  ERP Projects Consultancy , Chairperson of FPCCI since 4 years in the standing committee of Human Rights and City Government

She is not only working for her self but for the entire nation and creating an opportunity for every individual. She is a very much social connected person you can every heard in Pakistan as a women Entrepreneur and very respectful with honor that she earned by her hard work .

Never Tell Her Never

There’s no denying that it will be the most challenging and, at times, the most soul-crushing journey that you will ever take but the rewards can be great. It’s all your for the taking. It will lead you to new horizons, it will open your eyes to things that you were once blinded to, and it will truly enrich your life.

She is also member of Pakistan Most respected Business Community Network China Pakistan Economic Corridor Business CPECB.COM where she is active member and playing handsome role in CPEC

When we think of Marian Chaudhry, we think of an alluring and fascinating women Entrepreneur. However, her real life was far from that. Growing up she had a traumatic youth that lacked stability. The way she overcame it all, one step at a time, is inspiring. In the end, she was the ultimate survivor. And she attained all that with just her ruthless drive. Marian not only revolutionized women’s Entrepreneur, she literally liberated them from the shackles of corsets. For entrepreneurs with interest women Entrepreneur, this biography is a must read.

  1. Sami Vohra 3 years ago

    She is very welcoming person – If you ones meet ,you will start respecting her and understand the hard work she done in order to reach and become example and motivation to entire women entrepreneur in today world

    • Darakshan Sualeh 3 years ago

      No Doubt,I must say She is Iron lady 🙂

  2. Mariam Chaudhary 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot My brother…. I bowed for extreme respects.

  3. Rubina Rasheed 3 years ago

    True i admire her a lot for her dedication and hard work and pray for her success in everything she do.

  4. Fatima 3 years ago

    A gem hearted person…

  5. Azhar 3 years ago

    Always a great person!

  6. Farooq Afzal 3 years ago

    She is a committed woman leader and found her very strong in her capabilities. I wish her great successes in time to come.

  7. Author
    The Routine 3 years ago

    She is active women entrepreneur and example to entire nation – She work like robot you will find her active early morning till the day end

  8. Farhan ur Rahman 3 years ago

    Marium is a Hard working Loving nature woman friend in need, Popular in business circle very active in business Politics help people selflessly. My prayers & all best wishes for her.

  9. Syed Turab Shah 3 years ago


  10. Amjad Bukhari 3 years ago

    Marriam is a good example for those who are willing to take real life challenges and excel based on their potential . Salute to her for her untiring efforts and making a difference in peoples life..

  11. Darakshan Sualeh 3 years ago

    No Doubt,I must say She is Iron lady

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