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Welcome to the Versapulse Expo trade participant and attendee ticket registration form. We’re thrilled to host an event that is emerging as the most significant virtual expo in BRI countries, featuring top-level companies from BRI countries. 

A salient feature of this expo is the robust backing it receives from globally recognized entities – . This ensures that not just any event is taking place, but it is a substantial expo poised to make a significant impact on the trading landscape of BRI Countries Joining as a participant, you stand to gain a rich exposure encompassing all sectors from BRI.

 The scope and reach of this expo are boundless as it aims to serve as a thriving hub for nurturing connections across borderand ambitious Belt and Road Initiative.However, we want to draw attention to an essential aspect. Though a virtual event, it bears the gravitas of a traditional expo, rather than a general webinar. Keeping its exclusive nature in mind and due to the upward trend in digitized trade events, we have a limited ticket allocation. So, we strongly urge you not to miss this chance. Register your details in the following form to make your mark in this landmark trade event. Remember, once the tickets are gone, they’re gone!


Registration Deadline and Limited Slots Alert! 

We’re thrilled to have you on board for the Versapulse Expo! We’d like to bring to your immediate notice that the registration deadline is set for May 2024, starting in Jan 2024. Remember, the clock is ticking, so it’s crucial to get your registrations in early to secure your spot at this premier event. However, it’s important to note that we operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis due to the limited slots available. As a result, we may need to close attendee registration before the deadline if all spots get filled earlier. We kindly urge you to register promptly to avoid any disappointment later.

29th-30th May 2024: Successful First Online Expo in the History of Central Asia! Next expo season coming soon with more BRI countries - Be an active member of CPECB.