Xi in my eyes

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Xi in my eyes | To him, there is no self. There is only the people

After nearly half a century, President Xi met with his old schoolmate Sommano Pholsena. Hear what Sommano said about his experience with Xi, and what makes the Communist Party of China successful. Produced by Xinhua Global Service

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Xi in my eyes | He represents the Chinese Dream

Xi represents the Chinese Dream, which, according to British scholar Martin Jacques, is about the Chinese people dragging themselves up from poverty, about people living much better lives and about China playing a different role in the world.

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Xi in my eyes | Always connected to the Chinese people

In the eyes of Stephen Perry, chairman of Britain's 48 Group Club, President Xi Jinping is "very closely connected" to the Chinese people. "Everything that I have seen ... tells me his motivation is the people of China. That is very important at this stage of China's development," he says.

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Xi in my eyes | Xi's vision of global governance full of wisdom

As British sociologist Martin Albrow sees it, the success of the Communist Pa

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Inspired by President Xi Jinping's speech at Nazarbayev University on the joint building of a "Silk Road Economic Belt," Kazakh scholar Gulnar Shaimergenova set up the China Studies Center in Kazakhstan to promote China-Kazakhstan cooperation.

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Xi in my eyes | In his heart, people are always above all

"I think the common thread in the Xi Jinping thought is the people-centered (approach)," said Raphael Tuju, secretary-general of Kenya's ruling Jubilee Party. "If you look at, for example, the profile of President Xi Jinping, he has a profile of a selfless leader," he said

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Xi in my eyes | A wise man, and also a philosopher

President Xi is a wise man, and also a philosopher, said former Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf. As a member of the Advisory Council of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Sharaf said the deeper he delves into the Belt and Road Initiative and monitors its growth, the more he learns about President Xi's vision of the world and the future of humankind.

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Xi in my eyes | A leader with a broad vision, a heart for the people

"I remember quite clearly that Chinese President Xi Jinping is a tall man with a friendly manner. His remarks on various occasions were not long, but really down-to-earth and sincere," said Chea Monyrith, president of Chinese Cambodian Evolution Researcher Association. Monyrith says Chinese leaders have a long-term and broad vision towards international affairs, something he finds admirable.

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In the eyes of Pakistani President Arif Alvi, President Xi is a great leader who always has the people on his mind and never fails them. He says China’s successful control of the epidemic and the accomplishment of the poverty alleviation target highlight the commitment of the Chinese leadership.

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